Monday, August 26, 2013

The End to the M.T.C. is in sight

My Dear Mother,

My roommates all love you! They have been loving all the treats. The pens you sent are great but I'll be needing some more highlighters please. You can wait to send them until I get to Hawaii. How was Bro. Simpson able to get them in? He's been great to get them in by the way.

Sister Tarawhiti really needed that package. She had a long day. I saw her twice today and I had a chance to talk to her, Elder Anderton and Elder Ulukivaiola for awhile today. Sister Tarawhiti said the same thing I said when I first came here to the M.T.C. - It's very hard. I told her to fight through it until Sunday, then time will fly by.

I'll be leaving the M.T.C. on Tuesday! We're all riding Frontrunner to the airport!

Was Chase the only one from his quorum to go to the temple this week? I wish I had been there to go with him. I probably won't be able to email again until I'm in Hawaii since my next P-Day will be the day that I'm traveling to Hawaii.

I'm glad to hear that school is going well for everyone.

Elder Matua

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  1. Dear Jen and Seti,

    So I've been totally stalking Elder Matua's blog and loving every single letter home! Your son testifies with such powerful simplicity and clarity -- just what the people of Hawai'i need. Enjoy these next 2 years! I know it may seem hard to believe right now, but it will literally zoom by.

    Love & Aloha,
    Pania Heimuli


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