Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day One - M.T.C.


Very long eventful day. We get thrown right into work! Went to some short meetings then we are put into teaching situations with mock investigators. We have learned so much today alone! This is going to be a jam-packed 13 days.

My first companion is Elder Jacobs from Salt Lake City. He went to East HS and this is his second 'first day' at the MTC, meaning he went home his first 'first day' and is now back for more. He is now 22-years-old and attended the University of Utah for a year. He says that he was not prepared to go the first time but now he is ready to serve the Lord completely. He is also going to Hawaii. Different from what I'm used to (Go Cougars) but I don't think I'll have any problems getting along with him.

The other four elders in our room are all going to Baltimore. Three of them are normal Utah kids but the other is a very interesting fella. He has lived around the world, has done many interesting things, uses poetry when he writes his journal entries and has a random interesting fact about every 30 seconds.

I have run into Elders Ulukivaiola, Griffin, some other Lehi Elders you may not know and my old friend Elder Shelby Wolfgramm from our Granger football team but I have yet to run into Elder Anderton.

I started reading through the stuff you guys wrote and pasted in my mission journal but started to cry so I'll have to slowly get to your words of advice and words of love and encouragement.

My journey to do the Lord's work has begun. I am now in His hands. Send my love to all.

Elder K. Matua

P.S. Elder Ulukivaiola said that you can send packages on Friday's somewhere in PG and they'll get to me in 30 minutes! I'm gonna need tons more of these notebooks...and that iron.

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