Friday, August 23, 2013

Dear Mom - M.T.C.

Love you so much. I hope that you're getting all of my letters. It is so hard knowing that I can't just shoot you a text every five minutes to check on you or ask you for things.

I will probably write in my journal still but I'll also write some update letters every night filled with my thoughts and send them in bunches.

I taught my first "real investigator" today. What a great experience! What I mean by "real" is that this time it wasn't my teacher but someone who was kind of an actor I guess. But even though I knew he wasn't a true investigator it was really cool. I was connecting with him and really feeling the Spirit. My companion and I have really different styles. I really try to get to know the person first and kind of ease my way into the discussion about the restoration of the gospel, the Book of Mormon, etc. My companion on the other hand likes to discuss deep doctrine. He's very knowledgeable that way. So I guess we're a good fit.

I really cried for the first time tonight after reading dad's testimony written in my journal and again after writing to Chase to wish him a happy birthday. I don't think I've ever really heard dad bear his full testimony that way before out loud so it was a breaking point for me. Then when I realized that for the first time ever I would be missing my best friends birthday I lost it again. Now that I've gotten that out of my system I think I'll be good.

Still love and miss you guys to the extreme but I'm on the Lord's time now so I'm trying to keep my thoughts solely on His work. It really helps the time move faster in the classroom when I'm thinking about the work.

I love you guys and can't wait for the next two short years to fly by so that I can speak to you guys again. I think talking to the Lord is great but talking to you guys again would be really great too :-)

Send my love to all family and friends.

Love your favorite Elder
Elder Matua

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