Monday, August 26, 2013

More M.T.C. Life

Dear Mom,

I hope you can get things back into shape in our home - tell the bros that a dirty mission home sucks to live in and you still get in trouble for a dirty mission home just like you do in your real home (we are all really clean here though.)

I'm very excited to hear about Clayton's call. I wrote him the moment I heard about it. Hopefully that gives him time to work with Wag to get him going. Maybe you guys could help out there too?

I ran into Elder Ulukivaiola again and he mentioned that he spoke to Sister Tarawhiti. I haven't seen her yet but I'll keep my eye out for her.

The new school year came up quick! I hope they all had fun on their first day. Who got Mica to play football? He's quite an interesting kid but I guess we've always known that. Keep me posted on their games. I never got a letter from Mica by the way which was kinda sad.

I'm glad you like your new work schedule and I hope that dad can finish that book real soon. I'll send as many missionaries experiences as I can while I'm out here. I'm really loving the scriptures now, especially since it seems like its all I can read right now.

I've gotten all of the packages you've sent with all the treats, pens and notebooks. I'm burning through everything so fast. Can I get the Sape's address so that I can write them? I haven't taken very many pictures here but I hope you like the ones I've included.

Elder Matua

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