Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's official - Day one and drawn out goodbyes

Elder Matua and escort at the
Missionary Training Center - Provo
We aren't sure if we should be offended or overjoyed that Elder Matua had a huge smile on his face, rushed his goodbyes and almost sprinted for the M.T.C. doors. He was so excited to begin his missionary service that he couldn't wait to be surrounded by fellow missionaries. I suppose his haste to proceed with the work made it just slightly easier to see him go because we all knew that if he had been reluctant to depart we would have had a very different conversation at curbside. All things considered, we are so proud of him and we are so excited to hear about all of the wonderful things that he will learn and experience in the next two weeks.

Last night we had an incredibly emotional night as we witnessed Elder Matua being set apart by his President Makai of the Provo Utah Wasatch Tongan Stake. What an incredible reminder of the power of the Priesthood and how intense the Spirit can be when we testify of gospel truths and missionary work. We all walked away after hearing those blessings pronounced upon Elder Matua's head that all would be well and that he would be an excellent missionary as long as he is humble, obedient and willing to submit himself to the Spirit.

We anxiously await his first communication but as a family we are more confident now than we have ever been before that Elder Matua will do well and that he is doing God's work.

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