Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Missionary Sunday - M.T.C.

Dear Family,

The first Sunday here in the M.T.C. was great. Elders were not lying when they told me that it helps. It was the first day that flew by here. M.T.C. life is still treating me well but the food is getting old.

I had the amazing opportunity to bless the sacrament today and really felt a blessing of comfort. Our meetings were all good and my Branch President is an awesome man. His wife is a funny lady. I'm missing home but diving into the work is solving that problem.

I have maintained constant contact with Elders Anderton, Ulukivaiola, Griffin and Wolfgramm. Elder Wolfgramm leaves for South Dakota in the morning.

The best part of the day today was our devotional. We got to hear from Vai Sikahema and his wife who both gave great thoughts and there was this sister who was amazing at the harp. The highlight however, was getting to listen to a Christmas devotional talk by Elder David A. Bednar titled "The Character of Christ." It is such an amazing talk and I recommend it to all current and future missionaries. It talks about being converted and that it is what we all need to do. Simply having a testimony is not enough. We also need to stop turning inward like the natural man and turn outward like Christ.

I hope everything is running smoothly at home. Send my love to everyone.

Elder Matua

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