Monday, December 30, 2013

Post-Christmas fun

Not a whole lot happening after Christmas. We are still working through the holiday season. We got to call home so that was nice. It was so great (actually beyond great) to hear from the family again. Skype didn't happen this time around but I'm hoping that it works out for Mother's Day.

The Casuga's helped me have an awesome birthday. Elder Seremai is doing better. His leg is still in recovery mode so we are running him through physical therapy at the pad.

Elder Cagilaba will be leaving this week but Elder Humpherys is staying so a little bit of good and bad news for us. The new transfer starts on Wednesday. I can't wait for what comes in the next couple of months. I've been called as a new District Leader so I'll be learning more and take on more responsibility. I don't feel like I'm ready for this challenge but I have faith that the Lord does not call those who are prepared; He prepares those who are called.

Love you all
Elder Matua

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Injuries, Christmas parties and pics

Well last week was pretty crazy.

Elders and their own "Paper Christmas Tree" from home
Elder Seremai sprained his knee when we went hiking last Monday so he has been bedridden for the whole week. He goes in for another appointment tomorrow morning so keep him in your prayers. Since he has been out [injured] I have been working with the Waimea 1st Elders (Humpherys and Cagilaba) to do work in both areas so we have been driving a lot and working hard. Oh and then on Tuesday Elder Humpherys had a surprise dentist appointment to get his wisdom teeth out. So me and Cagilaba were dealing with an Elder with one leg and an Elder on drugs for awhile so that was fun.

Don't have too much else. People are using the excuse of being 'busy for the Holidays' so it's hard to see anyone but we keep trying.

We had our ward Christmas party on Friday which was fun. Not the Lehi 41st parties I'm used to but it was still fun. We had to sing for our supper, so our table had to sing "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" before we could eat so that was new.

We can tell it's the Holiday season here in Hawaii because we have no room in our fridge for anything. Food for days!

Pics: Hiking in Waipio valley, Santa Claus, Our Christmas Tree, Gettin buff, My new pday outfit(I found it all while cleaning out a closet in the pad;)

Love you all,
Elder Matua

Hiking - Waipio Valley
(Humphreys, me, Cagilaba)

Santa at the Ward Christmas party
Getting buff

My new P-Day clothes I found while
cleaning out a closet in our pad

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My week has been good.

Teaching choke [lot's of] people from the Marshall Islands and finding new ones every day. There is definitely a need for Elder Seremai here. I'm just doin my best to keep up. I'm lovin it.

Nothing really new here other than an explosion of the work with my greenie. The training is going great and we had zone conference with Hilo on Friday so it was nice to see Pres and Sis. Warner. They are amazing leaders here in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. Throughout the week we just work and work and have fun while doing it. I can't speak for Elder Seremai but I know that I am learning a lot.

A new thing we are doing for our numbers every week is QGC's (quality gospel conversations). It is hard to do in the small village where everyone is busy, but if it were easy everyone would be doing it so we just fight every day to hit our goal of 10 so I am praying for that everyday.

Today we went hiking in Waipio Valley and that was fun. Me and Elders Cagilaba and Humphreys got lost and were hiking forever but we found everyone else and had a good time on p-day.

Elder Matua

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving fun and more teaching moments

Another delicious breakfast with
the Harris family
We have had a great week filled with service. We have been on fire with Marshallese lessons as well. My new companion is doing awesome, but he is having to go though some culture adjustments. Nothing wrong with that it will just take some time. We get along well and we are both learning lessons around every corner. It also helps that we have an amazing ward that backs us up all the time.

We go out with a few of our members that are Marshallese speaking and they teach the lessons with Elder Seremai. From what I can see the lessons go great and we are invited back every time. Elder Seremai is a great teacher and continues to help me improve my teaching with every lesson we teach.

I got to play in a pretty awesome turkey bowl tournament on Saturday. They painted the field and broke into 10 teams and we played for most of the day. It was super fun and there was a good amount of less actives and non members there.

Sorry for the late email today. Me, Elder Humpherys, Elder Christensen, and Ikaika McClure (A less active member) went golfing for most the day. I suck at golf but it was still great fun. There is an older couple in the ward, the McMillans, that is awesome; on the first P-day of every month they take us to breakfast at Hawaiian Style. They have some crazy good grinds and they take the whole zone so it's pretty fun.

For the most part we haven't really had any new progression with our investigators other than the Marshallese, which sucks but that's okay. We are going to keep being faithful and obedient and the Lord will bless us.

Love you all,

Elder Matua

Monday, November 18, 2013

A bike, good eats and a new job

Last week of the transfer and it has been pretty good.

First of all I had my first experience on a bike! The ZL's car was out of service for a few days so they took our car and we were on bikes. It was only two days so it wasn't really too bad, I actually really liked it. But, I hated the helmet! We went to all of our appointments on the bikes so it was a lot of sweating and by the end of the night both my legs were cramping hardcore. Waikoloa has a lot of hills. Plus we had rugby conditioning so that was hard. Practice was run by us and a Samoan guy who was crazy but cool. It was awesome how the Lord set it all up so that everything just worked out. We saw all the people we wanted to see and we never had to back track.

Early morning P-Day hike
Tuesday, we were able to have dinner with a non-member family, the Joaquin's. The father, Royce, is a super cool guy who is golden. His only problem right now is that he works on Sundays. But, on Friday when we were helping him study for the law enforcement exam, he said that he will get baptized one day. He knows that the church is true from the things he's felt at baptisms and from the experiences with his friends but he wants to really know. He is a great guy and I look forward to working with him in the next 3 months.

Randy and Alika are still working towards baptism but they are very hard to get to church. There is another little Marshall girl named Wendy-Anne who is also working towards baptism.

Thursday, we were able go to a very fun rugby practice and we got our big bro Severn (dry mormon) to come to the Saturday sessions of Stake conference. Stake conference was awesome. Had talks for Elder Bednar and Pres Utchdorf which were both amazing as usuall.

Friday, I found out that I will be training! I got my package and all the training info on Friday and I'm so pumped. I'm a little nervous but super pumped. Then on Sunday Pres. Warner called me and told me that I will be training a new Marshallese missionary. I can't wait to meet him. He will be so good for this area and we will be able to teach so many more people and hopefully have so much success. I will learn just as much and he will and I will be learning a lot of stuff together. I hope that I will even be able to learn some Marshallese myself.

That was pretty much my week here in Kona. Pretty good...oh and I went pig hunting this morning. Didn't get anything but it was still pretty fun.


Elder Matua

Monday, November 11, 2013

New pics of Elder K. Matua in Kona, HI

Kids love Elder Matua

They love to climb on Elder Matua
and Elder Matua loves to climb trees with them
Elder Matua and Elder Johnston with their friends
More friends

And still more friends
Elder Matua says that there is never a dull moment with these kids

Monday, October 28, 2013

Big Island Aloha

This week was up and down.

On Tuesday I had my first baptism! It was a 13-year-old Marshall boy named Launit who is the bomb! He was great during lessons and loves everything about the church. He still has a lot to learn but he catches on quick and is very outgoing. He and my other friend Tevenson both say that they can't wait to turn 18 so they can go on missions.

We are also teaching two young men named Randy, 16 and Alika, 14. They are both very receptive but we need the support of the parents so that they can get to church. It is very difficult to get people to church because the chapel is 25 minutes away in Waimea but we keep trying. They both attended the baptism and really want to go through with it so we are aiming for next month for both of them. Hopefully it happens before the next transfer.

The work is still going great! I'm meeting new people everyday and I'm still lovin' it! Sorry about the short email, not a very eventful week.

Family, I love you all. There is really no new insight this week since it was really kinda a slow. I didn't get any letters all week and found an empty mail box every day so that kinda stunk :(

But it's okay, I love you more than ever. I still can't even tell you how much I brag about all of you, because I have the greatest family in the world! Keep being awesome and spread the word. I know it doesn't work the same in Utah but help the missionaries when you can. If someone is a non-member share everything with them. This gospel is the greatest thing this world has to offer with the greatest teacher - the Spirit! Also I just finished "Our search for happiness" by Elder M. Russell Ballard. It's awesome. I highly recommend it. I'm just starting "Jesus the Christ". I'm 15 pages in and I already love Christ more and His atonement 100 times more. I also highly recommend it but make sure to have a dictionary handy. :)

Elder Matua

Here are some recent photo's

A little rugby action on P-Day

Shaka braddah with Elder Humphreys

With Elder Humphreys and his inside-out coat

Elder Matua and newest convert Launit

Elder Matua, Elder Johnston and our friends

Hammin' for the camera

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Service, Zone Conference and more

This week was a blur!

We did choke (a lot) of service. We moved two tons of green waste which took forever. We also had the amazing opportunity to clean the temple. Me and Elder Humphreys were pressure washing the outside of the temple. He was making a joke that we looked like angels cleaning the temple and then I broke the pressure washer so we had to wait till they fixed it. We moved a lot of furniture in and out of the temple - great experience.

Earlier in the week we were helping a member move their brother into their house from a shipping container. While we were going to the container me and Elder Johnston got searched randomly and our car was checked. The members were laughing - of all the people they searched us!

We had a rough week with our investigators though. The young men we have been teaching were hit and miss and weren't able to make it to church so we have to move their baptismal date to November. But we were able to talk to Launet's parents and confirm his baptismal date. We have been teaching Launet all month and he has been awesome. He is my little homie out here. He is so happy to be baptized and loves the Young Men program. He is getting baptized tomorrow! I think I'll be doing the baptism in Marshallese because his family doesn't really speak English so we are trying to help them understand.

We had a Zone Conference in Hilo last Thursday with Elder Schwitzer of the Seventy. He was awesome! Great lessons from him and his wife. President and Sister Warner were also great. They came to do interviews with us on Saturday and then came to church with me and Elder Johnston so we had a good weekend with our Mission President. They also spoke in a fireside Sunday night.

My life here is still going great. I'm so grateful to the Lord every day for the amazing calling that he has blessed me with. The Ward I am serving in is amazing and a huge help to the work. I challenge everyone at home to get involved in the work. That is our job after we become members of this church our duty is to share it with anyone and everyone. We all have that special light of Christ and should work everyday to strengthen it and the best way to strengthen it is to share it with others. Serve with Charity, the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST!

Elder Matua

Mom - Sister Warner challenged everyone in the Wards here to come up with a family mission plan. It could be something as simple as inviting a less-active family over for dessert once a week or everyone has to place one pass-along card.

Boys - Looking back on my High School and Jr. High days I really regret not doing more. We should all be missionaries 24/7. Don't be afraid to open your mouth or to stop and help someone when they need it. We are all servants of the Lord and should take advantage of the blessing you have to already know the truth and have his light in you already. So many people are searching for that and most of the time they aren't willing to talk to the guys in ties (us) so it needs to start with the members. Do everything mom and dad ask. Get your Eagle Scout and Duty to God stuff done. Mom and dad only bug you about it because they know it will be for your benefit and you won't learn that stuff later when you're on your own. Love and miss all four of you guys every day. I talk to everyone about you guys and how amazing you all are. Everyone is probably sick of hearing about you guys but they all think that you are studs and cuties. Ya I'm glad I taught you everything you know! J/K

Monday, October 14, 2013

Update from Kona


Working hard in Kona
Well my very first transfer has come and gone and life in paradise is still great! I will be in Waikoloa with Elder Johnston for another transfer which will take me through my last bit of training. We just keep on working hard to meet our goals. In this recent transfer we lost nine good missionaries but pick up a great of nine new missionaries in our zone, three of which are green! It is going to be a very fun transfer and I have faith that we as the Kona Zone will hit high a water mark for the month of October! Me and Elder Johnston are hoping to bring in at least five but we won't stop there.

In the North Wards we have two new elders in Waimea 1st - Elder Humpherys and Elder Cagilaba from Fiji. Cagilaba (a.k.a. Storm), has a really cool conversion story which should be appearing in the December 2013 Ensign. These two Elders have become instant friends to me and will make this next transfer a good one. Hopefully they can get things going in Waimea.

We have choke investigators that are all young men right now and they are already pumped to be baptized! The only trick is getting them to church on Sunday's because the chapel is up in Waimea and most people can't make that trip every Sunday. But the ward members have been great with helping us get them there. We just keeping being faithful and obedient and The Lord will provide a way.

I'm staying busy and will keep working for the Lord!

Love you all!
Elder Matua

Pics from Kona - October 2013

Latest photos from Elder Kingston Matua in Kona, Hawaii
Last photo with MTC District

New Hawaii transfers in Honolulu airport

Elder Matua's living space

The view from Elder Matua's front door in Kona
The kitchen in their apartment

Another view from the apartment with Elder Johnston
Study time

Elder Matua, Elder Freeman and Elder Johnston

Elder Matua and Elder Freeman

Fun with members (an obstacle course)
More fun with a little helper
Elder Johnston gives it a shot
Elder Freeman has a go
Spending time with great families in Kona
Adventures on P-Day
Exploring Kona

Another shot of the obstacle course
Back to work!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aloha once again

Hawaii has been treating me great! Another week in paradise has come and gone and the work of the Lord is going forth at an amazing pace. Like they said in conference many times, this is the time when the Lord's work is hastening. I've been lucky to feel the blessings of that work. We have begun to teach three new young men who are all ready to learn and except the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been filled with the spirit as we teach and our investigators are feeling it as well. The members in Waikoloa are still an amazing help and the work could not go as fast as it is without them.

Please, wherever you are, whatever your calling, whatever your age, find your place in the work. As members of the church we have the knowledge of Christ and if we love Him we should be bursting with joy and proclaiming His truth. Even with the 80,000 missionaries serving in the world the work cannot progress without the 15 million members of the church doing their part. If each one of those 15 million members did their part and brought just one soul unto Christ and His everlasting gospel that would double the number of people who can be happy. 

I give you my testimony that I know that we are all here to help our brothers and sister on earth. We are blessed to know the truth and we have been commanded by prophets, seers, and revelators to share that knowledge. I can also testify that you will receive true everlasting happiness when you bring those people around unto Christ and you will be able to love all those around you more fully.

I love missionary work and love The Lord. I am growing everyday in my testimony of Christ our Savior and His Atoning sacrifice. I've had an amazing conference weekend and learned how to be a better missionary, member, son, and brother. I am proud to say that I took 10 pages of notes and only dozed off for part of one talk but the rest of the time I was awake and actively listening.

My first transfer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Time moves so fast out here. I know that I need to take advantage of every last second I have out here as a missionary with a sacred calling. Got to get back to work! Love you all!

Elder Matua  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Aloha from the Big Island

Another week has come and gone and I loved every minute of it. Things here in Waikoloa have been starting to pick up a bit. More people are answering their doors and we are finding more and more opportunities to teach investigators and help those members who are less active. My love for the people here on the Big Island is growing rapidly. It has such a different feel than being on Oahu.

This week we picked up another Elder and this area. Elder Freeman (from Lehi) has joined us and we now cover Waimea as well. We will be in a threesome until the end of the transfer which is in a week and a half, so not to long.

As far as investigators, we have picked up two just this week alone. We have begun teaching a lady whose husband is a less active RM so we are killing two birds with one stone. She is really interested in the church and loves the environment and feel of being with the members here. He seems willing to come back but I think he just needs a little bit of a push. She is getting ready to have a baby so that will slow us down a bit but we'll get right back at it ASAP.

Our second investigator is another 13-year-old Marshallese boy. He loves all the people in the ward and he really likes being with us. He is really smart and loves listening to what we have to say. As of right now he really wants to get baptized. We have set a date set for Oct. 12th!

My testimony has continued to grow and I have really felt the Lord using me while I teach. I don't think about what to say anymore, I just open my mouth and the Lord fills it with words. It has been an awesome thing to feel his presence so often. I also have a strong testimony that when we are obedient the Lord is willing to do anything for us.

Thank you for all the loving words of encouragement from home. I love you all and I'm very grateful for the support. The Lord is providing everything I need out here so there's really no need for any of you to send me anything - except maybe the occasional treat :-)

Boys - Listen to mom and dad. Listen to general conference closely. The words from the talks that I have read have been more helpful than I ever would have imagined. I highly recommend that you start every day with some kind of personal study. You never know when you can/will have an opportunity to teach and you won't be able to take advantage of those opportunities if you don't have any knowledge of the gospel. The Lord can provide the opportunity and do the teaching, but you need to prepare and be open to his spirit. Plus you study for several hours a day while you're on your mission so its good to get used to it now.

Love you all so much!
Elder Matua

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Playing with Wildlife


We got these pictures from a kind Waikoloa Ward member who said that her sons love to jump on Elder Matua whenever he comes over. She says, "He seems very comfortable around our large group of boys." Huh, who would have thought coming from his own large group of boys back home in Utah?

There's something crawling on your head Elder

No seriously... there's something on your head!

It's always fun to get pictures and news from the people he is serving in Hawaii. Elder Matua also wanted us to see (especially his mom) that his trademark curls are completely gone - He is so proud of his missionary (err military) haircut.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Windy Waikoloa


Things here in Waikoloa have been going great. Except for the fact that it is so windy! I hate the wind! But besides that I love the weather and the aloha attitudes of the people of Hawaii.

Nearly every day we are going over to homes in our area and playing with the little Marshallese kids and they love it. I love it. They are such happy kids and we are very open to anything they have to say. I've been able to help some of them with their homework, mostly English homework because they don't really understand English. They can speak it and they learn from movies, music, and whatever the teachers are saying but they don't really understand the words that they are reading.

We were finally able to confirm our friend Stevenson as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He was never around for church so we went over with the bishopric and the YM President and confirmed him at his house. It was a great experience. The parents were there and all the little kids too. It was the only time I've ever heard them silent.

We followed up on a referral from the mission home and it was great. His name is Herman and he is a less active RM. We have been coming across a lot of those lately. They are all wanting to come back and their wives are all non-members so we have started working a lot more with part member families. Conference was a big help. All of the speakers were great and of course Elder Holland did not disappoint. The spirit was bursting out of the chapel and all the people there were crying or trying hard not to cry. So many less active RM's were there and they were all reminded how amazing the church is. Elder Holland's biggest thing was, "Those who are visiting for the first time we welcome you. Those who are coming back after being away, we love you and need you back. Those who are active we love you and need you to do more!"

Elder Holland is truly a man of God. He told everyone that he didn't need do be there and that there is nothing we can do to help his faith grow because he is a believer and he will do anything for the Lord. All of the non-members there said that they have never felt so much emotion in a meeting. They all said that they loved it. So I think things are going to start picking up here in Kona.

My testimony grows every day! I hope that I am inching closer and closer to the testimony of Elder Holland. There is still tons that I am needing to learn and I know that. I learn so much about myself and the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I hope that through my service in the HHM I can reciprocate that love in some way. I have developed a love for the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love all of our living prophets and their words have helped me grow along with the scriptures. I cannot wait to hear from them again in October.

I continue to love the people of Hawaii and I love to serve them in any way that I can. Sorry for the scatter brained thoughts - I have so much to express and so little time to do it. Words cannot express how great my mission has already been. It has already been the hardest but most beneficial month of my life.

Mom - The only thing I really need now is a dictionary. I'm trying to read Jesus the Christ but there are a lot of big words in there that I do not know. Other than that I'm doing great and really enjoyed the greene package. I am working on sending pictures but it is hard. 1) because I hate taking pictures and 2) its busy out here.

Dad - I've been running into a lot of people who have connected the dots and see that I am Samoan from my last name. The next question they all ask is 'Do you speak Samoan?' I really wish I could answer 'yes'. So I am trying to learn every day. Right now all I have is a Samoan dictionary that I have been reading through so my vocabulary is growing but I can't get the grammar from the dictionary. Any ideas how I can learn quick. Pres. Warner hinted that I might be sent to a Samoan speaking area, but we'll see. I would love that and that's probably where my gift of tongues will come. :) Anything helps! How did the games go this week? Lehi and BYU?

Boys - Keep working hard in school. Be good for mom and dad. Be disciples of Christ always, which means striving to act like Him and become like Him. I wish that I would have caught on to that a lot sooner in my life. I sent my response to your letters a day or 2 ago. I don't really remember anymore. All my days are a blur and weeks fly by. Love you guys more than anything and miss you more than anyone.

Gotta get back to work!

Elder Matua

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Spiritual reading - Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

Is it bad that reading your letters still pushes me to tears? I miss you all so much. However I am really loving the mission life. I can honestly say that I have now lost myself out here in the work. I love it more than I ever could have imagined. Not only are President and Sister Warner amazing, the food is amazing - but the it is the Spirit out here that beats everything.

I am growing like I would never have believed. I have developed an amazing love for the Atonement and my Savior Jesus Christ. I don't know what I would do without that knowledge. I want so bad to bring every single person in Waikoloa to that same knowledge. I can't do it alone though. With the Lord's help I can do my little part to serve the people of the HHM and while I am on Heavenly Fathers' time I will do whatever small part of His work that I can.

While I have been out here I know what it really means to study. I love studying the words of the Book of Mormon and the Bible but I have also really been studying the Ensigns a lot too. I'm almost done with the whole May 2013 Conference issue. While I listened to those talks I was just going through the motions, sometimes tuning out the lesser known leaders and waiting to hear the 'heavy hitters' like Elder Holland or Elder Bednar. But now that I have read through most of them I've realized that every talk has something for me. I am so grateful for living prophets here on earth. My testimony of the Book of Mormon and living prophets has grown tremendously.

Dad, I love you so much. You and mom are my greatest blessings. I miss and love you and my brothers. One day we will all be together laughing again. I love this gospel and hope that I can continue to serve in a way that is pleasing to my Heavenly Father.

Elder Matua

Treats from home - Letter to mom

Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for the treats. Your package was very helpful - I needed them so bad.

I'm doing great! Now that I'm adjusted and realize that this is my life I love it. Missionary life is great. It's so freakin' hard but great. I seriously know that this is where I'm supposed to be. This is where I want to be but I still love and miss you.

I'm glad to hear that Chase and Mica are living up to the family name. I knew it would just take Mica awhile to figure it out. You and dad have done a phenomenal job at raising us boys even though I can't spell :-) I am so proud to be a Matua boy. I loved the pics of the 'wanna be buff boys'.

President and Sister Warner are amazing! They remind me a lot of every awesome senior couple from our Granger and Sego Lily Wards. Whenever President Warner talks to us it seems like he is always looking directly at me. Maybe because I feel like I'm the only one who keeps eye contact with him. But I feel like we have a good connection.

Sister Warner is one of those awesome "Mormon Mom's". She is sweet, loving, outgoing, a choir teacher and she's so funny. I'm so glad to be serving with them.

I hope everyone continues to do good things there at home. You would kill me if you saw how I just cut my hair. I'll send you pics but just remember I'm still learning this whole missionary thing so it's been a month of 'firsts' for me so even the haircut is a missionary 'first'. Let's just say that I'm in the Army now - The Lord's Army :-) Don't worry it looks good - different but good. I'm still your handsome son I hope.

I don't need too much just more addresses for my friends and maybe a dictionary so I can learn how to spell. We are officially making the switch to shoulder bags in October. No backpacks allowed while we are out proselyting. No rush though since we have a car and we're are driving most places and most of my stuff can stay in the car. So if you happen to stumble across a decent shoulder bag please send it my way. It would also be cool to have one of those calendars with everyone's birthday, special days and their pictures for 2014 but whatever you can do.

Please keep the letters coming. I can't wait to hear from the boys. It's so awesome to see Chase play too. I try not to miss you all too much.

Elder Matua

Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling down in paradise


Things have be going great here in paradise. I have been working hard and really getting into missionary life. The weather here is very hot and I love it. Last Monday I was grateful for the chance to practice with the Waikoloa Rugby Team - that was refreshing!

I'ts been tough. We have had minimal luck tracting but we are still required to tract for 2 hours each day. So when we don't have scheduled meetings you better believe that we are out knocking on doors. We are finally starting to get some people to answer their doors when we come to visit. Sadly, the majority of them say that they are no longer interested or that they don't have the time. But we just have to be patient and wait for them to come around. There are also a lot of part member families here so that has been really good. There are a lot of very strong moms out here that are kicking their husbands' butts into gear. I'm so grateful for the women of the world. They are all so in-tune with the spirit.

I have gotten to know a young 13-year-old Marshallese boy very well here. He was baptized the week before I arrived here but he still has not been confirmed. His family is starting to make it difficult. We can't seem to catch him on a Sunday so this week we are going over to his home with the Bishop and some of the Young Men's leaders and we are going to confirm him at his house during the week. He is a really smart kid and he knows whats right but he is just caught in his parents culture and really has no say in what goes on. But we are still working hard on him.

On Thursday I had my first exchange. I spent a day in the Kealakekua area with Elder Ward. It was a cool experience to be in a new area with a different companion. I met some of the ward families in that area. One was the Willis family. The mom is from South Africa. She was awesome. The dad is a non-member from Oklahoma - an awesome guy as well. The missionaries are working hard on him but I think some of the ward members kinda scared him off a little. He said it seemed like the ward members were up in his face and trying to baptize him that Sunday. So when you are dealing with non-members in your wards do not suffocate them with the gospel but let the Spirit work on them and you just follow the Spirits' lead.

I also had my first Zone Conference this week which was awesome. I learned so much from the AP's, ZL's as well as President and Sister Warner. It was really fun and so much was learned. I really love President and Sister Warner, they are amazing people who help us out so much here in the HHM.

I had my 'get to know you' interview with President Warner which was awesome. He said I have a special spirit about me. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. My personal mission motto is being created from Ether 12 & Hebrews 11. I've found that the Book of Mormon & Bible greats weren't great because they were born that way, they were made great by exercising faith and leaning upon the understanding of the Lord because He is all-knowing and loves us.

Mom - I got my letter on the 12th and my package on the 13th. I only saw Baker [Elder Pritchard] once during my first transfer meeting. He was recently called as a Zone leader on Oahu so I haven't seen him again but he did see my package cause he left a little note on it. Can you send me my cleats?

Dad & Boys - I'm Glad to hear that everything is going well in the sports world. I'm also glad to see that Coach Hastings is helping those boys reach their potential. Hopefully you guys can help Dillon get things figured out but I bet he has the faith that will bring him many blessings from the Lord.

Good Luck this week in school and football. Stay out of trouble and love all those around you. Stop getting so buff you goons!

Elder Matua

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to pen out a quick letter and say ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

How does it feel to know that you have spent 20 years with your eternal companion? Now I'm truly grateful that I get to choose my eternal companion because if I was assigned an eternal companion like out here in the mission field eternity would be even longer LOL

I've really learned to miss and appreciate my brothers out here in the field. If you keep doing what you are doing, those four boys are going to be amazing missionaries. I'm so glad that I have a set of good examples in you two to follow after my mission when I'm at the marriage stage in life which Heavenly Father informed me will happen in due time (according to my Patriarchal Blessing).

I love you both more than you could ever know. I'm so blessed with all the lessons that I have learned from both of you. I am out here doing what I am doing, the way that I am doing it because of you.

Have a good 20th anniversary - you old love birds.

Love Elder Matua

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9 P-Day

This week has flown by seems like just yesterday was my last p-day. I guess time does fly when you're having fun and working hard. Our numbers are slow in coming but they are improving every day. We did some service tracting this week. Sadly we didn't get any offers for service at the door but there were a lot of nice people that we were able to talk to and one couple accepted a card with our info on it so we are faithfully waiting on any kind of response. For the most part though tracting consists of empty homes. It's very hard to catch people at home.

We have been going on lots of visits with a Marshallese member who is a recent convert. He has been such a big help. The language barrier is huge so with him being able to help us overcome that we have been getting into a lot more homes and teaching more lessons. I'm not sure how much is getting through to them because of the language barrier but we will keep teaching and answering questions.

There are lots of interesting connections in the ward. There is a family named Casuga - there are three brothers in the ward one used to be the bishop, all very cool guys. The middle brother knows auntie Theresa and Tele from when he used to live up in Logan when his wife was going to USU. The youngest one knows Amanda. He served in Fiji where he met the Whippy brothers. He knows Josh really well. Also some random Samoan guy from Waimea 2nd Ward knew grandpa Moa. And of course you already know about the Harris family. It is amazing how small our world is!

The ward members are helping us so much. They all have referrals and are willing to help us get in the door and teach with us. By the end of this next week I am pretty sure that we will have a handful of really good investigators from non-member families, part-member families, and less actives.

My faith is growing so much when I see that EXACT obedience, not selective obedience brings the blessings tenfold. The Lord is really willing to open the windows of heaven and poor out the blessings if we are willing to knock and open our mouths to ask. I have really developed a love for reading. The Book of Mormon is amazing and I'm enjoying talks from the last general conference as well as a packet on the Atonement (a set of talks about Christ that our mission pres put together) have really helped me. I can truly say that I am feasting upon the words of Christ and it is amazing.

On the 22nd Elder Holland is coming for stake conference so that should be amazing. I will probably get to meet him face to face as a full-time missionary which is crazy. We are trying to get as many non-members there as possible because Elder Holland can touch any heart and if we can get them there, they get a front row seat so hopefully that can give us a little boost.

My apartment is great, they say its the best one in the zone. I don't really need too much right now just more of those drink mix things would be nice.

I have come to realize that only through exact obedience can I get anything done. With all the reading, pondering, and praying I have learned to keep my thoughts where they need to be. The Lord has blessed me with so much patience.

Keep up the good work on the football field and in the classroom (hopefully you're all doing good in the classroom). Listen to mom when she tells you that you want to learn how to keeping things clean. Learn how to be neat, your comps will love you for it. Really read the scriptures and listen to the next conference - they are speaking directly to you always, something I learned a little later.

All is will in the HHM - Another week in paradise!

Elder Matua

Monday, September 9, 2013

Mission President's welcome letter

It's Monday morning so we're chomping at the bit wondering if we will get an email or a letter from Elder Matua. We did however get a letter from President Warner and thought we would share excerpts from it with you, Elder Matua's family and friends.

Dear Brother and Sister Matua:

It is a pleasure to write to you of your son's arrival in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. He was met at the airport where he arrived well and in good spirits. His companion picked him up and he is now in his new area of labor. His companion was carefully selected to insure him of a proper introduction to missionary work here and we are confident that their relationship will be a mutual blessing.

At the Mission Home we took a snapshot of Elder Matua with Sister Warner and me, which we enclose for you.

Thank you for sharing your son with us. We already love him as one of our own and are thrilled to have him in this mission.

President Stephen R. Warner
Mission President

Monday, September 2, 2013

We see you Elder!

Don't believe in small miracles or in God's tender mercies?

As a family we have struggled through the first week since Elder Matua left the M.T.C. bound for Hawaii. It was a blessing to have the Sape family travel with him but once he arrived in Honolulu and was carted off to the mission home we were in the dark wondering where he ended up and how he was faring in his first few days in the field.

Yesterday we were truly blessed to come in contact with the Naumu family and Rachel Cody-Harris while attending our nephew Elder Dillon Filiaga's homecoming (Kobe, Japan) in Pocatello, ID. After listening to Elder Filiaga's powerful testimony of missionary work and his experiences of growing closer to our Heavenly Father while out in the field, we were approached by the Naumu family who informed us that their son Elder Naumu was in the M.T.C. and left for Hawaii on the same day with Elder Matua. Small world right? Wait, it gets smaller.

Rachel Cody-Harris' in laws live on the Big Island and the Naumu's were hoping that Elder Naumu would end up serving in their ward. Sister Harris, who is best friends with our niece Emma Filiaga-Naeata got word back from Hawaii that Elder Naumu did not end up on the Big Island as they had all hoped, but that they had a fun Elder from Utah named Elder Matua! So many connections led to so many pictures of our Elder and so many tears of joy as we saw the smile on his face. We are blessed and so is he to be among the lovely people of Hawaii.

Here are some photo's shared by the Naumu's and the Harris':