Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9 P-Day

This week has flown by seems like just yesterday was my last p-day. I guess time does fly when you're having fun and working hard. Our numbers are slow in coming but they are improving every day. We did some service tracting this week. Sadly we didn't get any offers for service at the door but there were a lot of nice people that we were able to talk to and one couple accepted a card with our info on it so we are faithfully waiting on any kind of response. For the most part though tracting consists of empty homes. It's very hard to catch people at home.

We have been going on lots of visits with a Marshallese member who is a recent convert. He has been such a big help. The language barrier is huge so with him being able to help us overcome that we have been getting into a lot more homes and teaching more lessons. I'm not sure how much is getting through to them because of the language barrier but we will keep teaching and answering questions.

There are lots of interesting connections in the ward. There is a family named Casuga - there are three brothers in the ward one used to be the bishop, all very cool guys. The middle brother knows auntie Theresa and Tele from when he used to live up in Logan when his wife was going to USU. The youngest one knows Amanda. He served in Fiji where he met the Whippy brothers. He knows Josh really well. Also some random Samoan guy from Waimea 2nd Ward knew grandpa Moa. And of course you already know about the Harris family. It is amazing how small our world is!

The ward members are helping us so much. They all have referrals and are willing to help us get in the door and teach with us. By the end of this next week I am pretty sure that we will have a handful of really good investigators from non-member families, part-member families, and less actives.

My faith is growing so much when I see that EXACT obedience, not selective obedience brings the blessings tenfold. The Lord is really willing to open the windows of heaven and poor out the blessings if we are willing to knock and open our mouths to ask. I have really developed a love for reading. The Book of Mormon is amazing and I'm enjoying talks from the last general conference as well as a packet on the Atonement (a set of talks about Christ that our mission pres put together) have really helped me. I can truly say that I am feasting upon the words of Christ and it is amazing.

On the 22nd Elder Holland is coming for stake conference so that should be amazing. I will probably get to meet him face to face as a full-time missionary which is crazy. We are trying to get as many non-members there as possible because Elder Holland can touch any heart and if we can get them there, they get a front row seat so hopefully that can give us a little boost.

My apartment is great, they say its the best one in the zone. I don't really need too much right now just more of those drink mix things would be nice.

I have come to realize that only through exact obedience can I get anything done. With all the reading, pondering, and praying I have learned to keep my thoughts where they need to be. The Lord has blessed me with so much patience.

Keep up the good work on the football field and in the classroom (hopefully you're all doing good in the classroom). Listen to mom when she tells you that you want to learn how to keeping things clean. Learn how to be neat, your comps will love you for it. Really read the scriptures and listen to the next conference - they are speaking directly to you always, something I learned a little later.

All is will in the HHM - Another week in paradise!

Elder Matua

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  1. Dear Elder Matua,
    Such a joy to read your comments. So, who is your companion, where are you serving and what is the guy's name that knew Grandpa Moa? Anyway, sounds like you're doing well and adjusting to the MISSION LIFE. Keep up the great work and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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