Monday, September 2, 2013

We see you Elder!

Don't believe in small miracles or in God's tender mercies?

As a family we have struggled through the first week since Elder Matua left the M.T.C. bound for Hawaii. It was a blessing to have the Sape family travel with him but once he arrived in Honolulu and was carted off to the mission home we were in the dark wondering where he ended up and how he was faring in his first few days in the field.

Yesterday we were truly blessed to come in contact with the Naumu family and Rachel Cody-Harris while attending our nephew Elder Dillon Filiaga's homecoming (Kobe, Japan) in Pocatello, ID. After listening to Elder Filiaga's powerful testimony of missionary work and his experiences of growing closer to our Heavenly Father while out in the field, we were approached by the Naumu family who informed us that their son Elder Naumu was in the M.T.C. and left for Hawaii on the same day with Elder Matua. Small world right? Wait, it gets smaller.

Rachel Cody-Harris' in laws live on the Big Island and the Naumu's were hoping that Elder Naumu would end up serving in their ward. Sister Harris, who is best friends with our niece Emma Filiaga-Naeata got word back from Hawaii that Elder Naumu did not end up on the Big Island as they had all hoped, but that they had a fun Elder from Utah named Elder Matua! So many connections led to so many pictures of our Elder and so many tears of joy as we saw the smile on his face. We are blessed and so is he to be among the lovely people of Hawaii.

Here are some photo's shared by the Naumu's and the Harris':

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I hope our sons enjoy serving with each other!


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