Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rebounding, miracles and more new years fun

Zone Conference with these
lovely, fun people
Miracles happen when you don't give up. Elder Qiu and I had a much better week. I'll share one of our coolest miracles from this week: The temple sisters called us with a referral earlier in the week. We got in touch with the contact and continued to keep in touch until Sunday night. We called him and invited him and his family to church. He let us know that he wouldn't get off work until 3:00. We encouraged him to come join us for the last little bit. Sacrament meeting comes around the next day and our phone starts buzzing. Elder Qiu looks at me, "It's him." We ran outside to greet a happy Mr. and Mrs. Lin. They were so awesome and really enjoyed church.

Another New Year's celebration
Chinese new years was nuts. I ate way too much food, and I'm getting even more fat.
Lots of other stuff happened that's helping us look onward and upward. Taiwan is doing good!

Elder Qiu and I had a much better week. Rebounded very well. Saw lots of miracles on the street. We have sort of a game plan given to us from the leadership of our mission. "Cloud - Bridge - Bang". It's a method we use on the street where we contact someone, say a prayer with them, teach them simple gospel truths, invite them to baptism, teach them how to pray,
We really have amazing food here
have them say a prayer, and set up a return appointment. All in 10-15 minutes. It's pretty interesting. Lessons vary, but the result is the same: a quick and effective way to separate those that are prepared and those that are not. The field is white already to harvest!

I think one of the biggest things I learned this week was something that my good friend Elder Huntsman shared with me. I must not be afraid to make a mistake. Making the small mistakes now will prepare me for the future. Obviously that doesn't mean I should go around making as many mistakes as possible, but it means I should do my best and let Christ and His masterful hands make my weaknesses become strengths.

I hope and pray that you guys have a wonderful week!
Elder Chase Matua

Having fun with good friends

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year dinner with the Xie family
As I write this email, there are fellas all around me yelling and screaming about their League of Legends matches and what not. Bless their souls.

This week was a slow one. Elder Qiu and I are really struggling to find people to teach. He helped me to remember, "Just do your best, and Heavenly Father will take care of the rest." I realized I still over think things a little bit, and the importance of simplicity seems to slip my mind. This week, Elder Qiu and I are going to do our best, and ask Heavenly Father to give us strength to take care of the rest.

Lots and lots of delicious food
Chinese New Years is in full swing. We've already had a full week of members feeding us huge dinners. and this week is full of not only dinners but lunches as well. Chinese New Years is basically a week long of Thanksgiving meals. I'm sure it'll be fun.

The spirit hit me as I read some old conference talks. President Monson once encouraged us to learn what we should learn, do what we should do, and be what we should be. To learn, to do, to be. Heavenly Father gives us the things that are essential to everlasting happiness. It's our choice to accept and act on the counsel He has given to us through His holy prophets. He promises to bless us. Don't you think the creator of the heavens and the earth and stay true to his promise? Prove Him now herewith. Take that next step towards deepening your conversion in Christ.

I love you all. Keep being great examples. Shine so that others can see Christ through you.

Have a blessed week,

Elder CHase Matua

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Zone Meeting and seeing dear friends

My friends Leo and Sis Lin
from Taidong
We had a pretty good week.

Monday had a super fun zone party at a members home. Tuesday we watched the "Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts" broadcast. I learned a lot, but one of the greatest things that stuck to me was the spirit's role in conversion. I thought I already understood what that meant. Before I thought of it as, the spirit is our greatest tool in teaching. No, WE are the SPIRIT's greatest tool in converting souls. SO cool! Wednesday we had a rather successful English party. It worked out a lot better than we thought it would. Elder Qiu and I even found an awesome family that said they were really moved by our spiritual share. This week we're planning on meeting with them and helping them start on the path to conversion!

We had zone conference in
the mountains
Thursday and Friday were pretty solid, but the coolest thing happened on Saturday. We took Amber and Brother Lin to do a temple tour which went pretty good. Before the tour, I saw two of my good friends from Taidong.  After the tour, we were standing in the court yard when I heard someone say, "好巧" (Which basically means, WOW, we didn't set an appointment to see each other, but we're here at the same time, amazing! There may actually be an English word for that, I just can't think of it hahah). It was sister liang from Longtan! She had just finished doing baptisms for the dead. She started to shard with me how well things are going for her, and how excited she is to go through the temple to do her endowments in march. She's almost been a member for a year! It was SO cool to see how much she's changed and how she's growing in the Gospel. Another one of my buddies from longtan just got his mission call and he's going to New Zealand. After I finished talking to them, I heard Elder Taulepa call my name. He was pointing at some guy. I walked towards them and realized it was Harry from Taidong! Another one of my great
friends. It was just a whole day of reunions. To top it all of, we set up for 30,000 homeless people to eat food.

Yeah, good week. Full of the spirit. Elder Qiu and I are really looking forward to this week. We are going to see lots of miracles. Serving the Lord has brought me some of the greatest joys I've ever felt. Having front row seats to watching people change their hearts and become great is such an honor and blessing.

I hope you all have a blessed week. Get caught doing something good, preferably the work of the Lord, because we all know how important that is! Surround yourself with greatness!

Love you all
Elder Chase Matua

Best district in the world
Brother Hou and Sister Liang from Longtan
We love service!