Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aloha 'oe and still in Hon-West

We had a good last week of the transfer!

We had a good lesson with our friend Fasia and were able to set a [baptism] date with him in March. We hope everything goes well there. He has a lot of support from the YM in the ward and the leaders. We have a couple of other investigators that we will set dates for this week.

We had a new investigator come to our gospel principles class. She is an older lady. The lesson was kinda confusing with some different members in the class all on different wavelengths, but the spirit was there and it ended pretty well. She is what we call a 'dry Mormon'. She comes to church every Sunday and comes to every activity. She should be solid.

Transfer came and me and Elder Talatau will be staying together for one more transfer. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Seeing that I only have a few more transfers left is kinda freaking me out. Time flies way to fast!

Other than occasional fatigue I am doing great here. Like I said it is just scary thinking that I am so close to the end and soon my life is going to take another step up and change again. I think that is the hardest part about coming on a mission was the adjustment, now I am finally adjusted and its almost done. Then I have to come home and adjust all over again. But I know that doing it the Lord's way will make it easy as pie.

Love you all!
Elder Kingston Matua

Goodbye Colorado Springs!

Note: As of 5:00 a.m. Mountain Time this morning, Elder Chase Matua has departed the Colorado Springs area for the long overdue and very anticipated trip to Taipei, Taiwan. We had the opportunity to speak with him briefly last night over the phone. He is nervous but very excited to finally be serving in Taiwan and speaking Mandarin. He sends his deep love and appreciation to all who have been writing him diligently over the past months and hopes that he will continue to hear from you in the future.

Here are his final thoughts and photos from CCSM...

Playing "Zombies"
Another intense week, mostly for the events that happened over the weekend. It all started late Friday night. I was reading the Book of Mormon, when our phone buzzed. Elder Guy looked at the phone, then told me it was President Rehm, and that our visas came! Immediately, a flood of emotions hit me. I have absolutely loved my time here in the Springs. The ward, the people, the missionaries, the work, it's all incredible out here, and I will certainly miss it. I am really excited to head out to Taiwan. They will be flying us out on the 25th. It will be a crazy day. I'm nervous, but eager to continue my journey in Taipei.

Saturday was so busy. We woke up early to play some basketball. We then helped some older folks in our ward move some furniture out of their home. We went home and got ready for the wedding of one of our investigators (they're now living the law of chastity, so he's right on track to baptism!). We had a teaching appointment and lunch with a family in our ward and another teaching appointment right after that.
Last crazy photo with my District -
Farewell CCSM!

Saturday night we went out to dinner with another set of missionaries.We had one last appointment with our new investigator that night, which went really well. We got home at around 9:00 p.m. and we were all dead tired. Easily one of the busiest days of my life haha.

Sunday went really well. We had a great lesson in elders quorum about remaining happy in times of trouble. It was definitely what I needed. A quote that really hit me was, "God is at the helm, we have no need to worry". Simple, but profound. This'll be a phrase I live by for the rest of my life.

I'm happy to hear things went well with the Vegas trip family. Sounds like mica tore it up! Watching those clips you sent me made me miss rugby so much. I hope the rest of the season goes awesome!
Sorry, I know this is a super short update. I'm still just a little shocked at the whole visa situation.
I wish you guys an awesome week. Do all that you can to serve others! Remember that Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ are always there for us. We just need to come unto them!

Scripture of the week 3 Nephi 22: 7-8

Love and miss you all!
Elder Chase Matua

The Rivera boys

Coolest 8-year-old's I've ever met

Saying goodbye to them was so sad

Monday, February 9, 2015

Short note...as usual

Another week in the books and things are still going great!

We are still just working with our same group of investigators and still working with some less-actives and recent converts. Elder T's ankle is back to normal so there is no more limping.

Hope every one has a great week and good Luck to all the boys going down to Vegas to play rugby. Hope you all do you best and have fun!

Elder King Matua

Great weather and loving the work

It's like 70 degrees here right now, so we're getting ready to go play football again here in a bit. It's been extremely warm over the passed couple of days. It's super nice.

The work is still going strong in the Palmer Park ward. Unfortunately, we again had a lot of appointments cancel for one reason or another, but for the appointments that were kept, lots of good came from them.

When we were on splits, one of the 8 year old twin boys we've been teaching asked me if I would baptize him. I was kinda set back for a moment, but happily told him I would love to! Him and his twin brother have been two of my favorite people to teach! They live with their hard-working mother who is a member. They've just been trying to get the boys into the swing of things, so the day is getting close when they will enter the waters of baptism!

Thursday was one of the craziest days. We left our dinner appointment a tiny bit late, so we were rushed to our next appointment. When we got to the house, all the lights were off. No one came to the door, so we decided to visit the parents of the investigator we were supposed to teach that night. When we got to the parents house, the lights were all on, the TV was blasting, but no one was home, so we became really worried. The girlfriend of this particular investigator is pregnant and is expecting any day now, so at the moment we thought they might have rushed to the hospital. All 3 of us felt prompted to run to the hospital just in case. So we did.

When we got there, we found out that she wasn't there. Still feeling prompted to find them, we went to another hospital that was nearby. Nobody was there working the front desk, so we decided to start looking on each floor. We finally got somebody to help us, and he told us there was nobody there by the name we were looking for. After an hour of searching, we decided to check their home one last time. when we pulled up, their lights were on. We knocked on their door and they let us in. They apologized to us for not letting us know they had gone to the store. After a quite awkward 5 minutes, we rescheduled for next week and left their home. Afterwards, we were sitting in the car all confused, trying to figure out why we each felt so prompted to search the city for them and then everything being fine.

For some reason, we decided to go to McDonald's. I guess the running around made us super hungry. When we were sitting there after we ordered our food, a man walked in and said, "Hey Elders." Never seen him before. Elder Guy and Elder Johnson both had no idea who he was. I asked him if he is a member, and he told us he was born and raised in the church, but went inactive when he was 20. He moved to Colorado 3 months ago. We gave him a card with our names, number, and the address of our chapel on it and told him he is always welcome to come back to church. He paused, looked at us, and began telling us how he's having some of the hardest times of his life. How he has really been considering come back to church. Unfortunately, he didn't show up yesterday, but we're going to contact him this week and go from there.

I looked back at everything that had happened that night. I realized that Every single little thing happened at just the right time so we could be at McDonald's at the right moment so we could meet this man. I've never really believed in coincidences, but after Thursday night I know the Lord has his hands in ALL things, even when we may not realize it. It was a great experience for me.
the rest of the week was swell.

Mom and Dad, I miss you both so much. Of course it's nothing I can't handle with the Lord. He definitely is pushing me along in these crucial moments of my life. Getting emails and letters from the both of you, and Kaylee, and many other awesome people is great and it definitely helps me. My life is great right now and I just feel so grateful for everything that has happened to me. Both the ups and the downs, for there wouldn't be any "ups" if there were no "downs".

My testimony of the Atonement is growing by the minute. Before my mission, I relied so much on the redeeming power of the Atonement. Now that I'm here, I've learned a lot more about the Enabling power that comes from that great sacrifice. It's amazing. It truly helps me more than anything.

Mom and Dad, I love the Lord. I'm closer to him than I ever have been, and through the Holy Ghost he's teaching me spectacular things! It is truly a blessing. I am so very grateful for all that you have done for me. I'll never be able to thank you enough. You guys are an inspiration to me. I love you both so much!

Until next time.
Elder Chase Matua

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Comp injuries and teaching like crazy

Another week and month is in the books. Time just keeps moving along, funny how it does that!

This week was a little slow with a P-Day basketball injury recovery that was needed. Elder T messed up his ankle pretty bad but he's doing a lot better now. We had our basketball and volleyball tournament this week and it went really well. Almost all of our investigators showed up and we even got two new ones to visit and one of them has already taken all the lessons in Cali, so hopefully we have something good there.

Despite our doubts of seeing very many people at church on Sunday, (church started at 3 p.m., which was right in the middle of the Super Bowl), lots of the Ward members proved their faith and we had a pretty full chapel for Sacrament meeting. Plus the highlight of the meeting was when Tony, our recent convert, got to bless the Sacrament and he bore his testimony. That is always a good feeling.

We also got the chance to help teach the Stake Mission Prep class, which is always a good time, even if we did just find out an hour before and then prepared the wrong lesson. But that's the great thing about the Spirit, it can call audibles pretty well.

Love you all,
Elder Kingston Matua

Monday, February 2, 2015

Leaving it in the Lord's hands

Another great week. We've been trying to stay as busy as possible, but unfortunately we had 11 appointments cancel this week so we only taught four. We still enjoyed and took advantage of those opportunities we had to teach.

We took a fun adventure on Tuesday. We were driving through Palmer Park and I saw a rock I really wanted to go climb on...so I did. hahah We ended up doing our weekly planning up there in the rocks. It was super cool. Go to the top of the mountain, right?

On Wednesday we helped an inactive member move into her new apartment. Surprisingly she had a lot of stuff, so it took a while but we got it done! That night we went on splits with the High Priests to visit families that have recently moved into the ward. I went with Brother Sanchez, and unfortunately we only had one door open. The person who opened the door wasn't even the person we were looking for, but we decided to talk with this guy anyway. He wasn't very friendly, so our meeting at his door was very brief.

Thursday we did our service at the Colorado Springs Service Mission again. I always enjoy that. It's so awesome to see the volunteers give so much of their time for others in need. On Thursday night we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and we had the most interesting dinner ever. Sister Warner made us spaghetti. However, we didn't eat with forks...or plates.. or even regular cups. I had like a cupcake tray to use for a plate, a mason jar for my cup, and an EGG BEATER for my "eating utensil". It was so fun! (This would be a hilarious activity for the youth, talk to them about etiquette. Then disregard everything you've said about etiquette and eat like this hahahah so fun.)

Friday morning we had our district meeting which went really well. Nothing too special happened on Saturday besides the fact it was another day I was able to live in.

Sunday's are always my favorite days of the week! I had the opportunity to bless the Sacrament yesterday which felt SO good to do again! We had an awesome testimony meeting, and then we had the opportunity to teach the 16-17 year-old's Sunday School class. During third block, all the Priesthood was combined and we discussed the ward mission process and goals. I was asked to bear my testimony on missionary work. Along with that I shared the experience the Ashes had with the Du family. The spirit was so strong. It was a neat experience.

No news on Taiwan. It's starting to frustrate me a little bit. I love it here in Colorado Springs. I just wish I could know when it is that I am leaving. That's the only bad part about it all, not knowing when. I wouldn't mind being here for another couple of months. I just struggle with not knowing when it is I'm leaving. I always just have to remind myself that it is in the hands of the Lord. Everything is. His timing is perfect, and bottom line is I don't need to know when I'm leaving. I just need to keep doing what I need to be doing and let Him take care of the rest. Leave it in the Hands.

My Book of Mormon reading has been better than ever. It's hard for me to stop reading once I start. I've gained so much from what I've been reading. I know with all of my heart that it is the word of God. I'm near the end of Alma, so the reading has been pretty intense. My favorite super hero now is Captain Moroni. The guy is amazing. Read Alma 48: 11-17. The Book of Mormon is true!

Sorry, my thoughts are going every where in this email haha. It's amazing to hear how well you all are doing. Watching those clips of Mica playing rugby made me so jealous. He looks like he's tearing it up out there. I'm super excited for Quinn to get the priesthood. It's going to be awesome to see him exercise the power. I think Kenyon could handle Economics. Are they offering that at the Junior High now? That's neat.

Mom and Dad I love you guys. You guys are an inspiration to me. I'm so grateful to have such amazing people as my parents. I think of you guys everyday, and it motivates me.
I love and miss you all. Have a blessed week!

Elder Chase Matua