Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Comp injuries and teaching like crazy

Another week and month is in the books. Time just keeps moving along, funny how it does that!

This week was a little slow with a P-Day basketball injury recovery that was needed. Elder T messed up his ankle pretty bad but he's doing a lot better now. We had our basketball and volleyball tournament this week and it went really well. Almost all of our investigators showed up and we even got two new ones to visit and one of them has already taken all the lessons in Cali, so hopefully we have something good there.

Despite our doubts of seeing very many people at church on Sunday, (church started at 3 p.m., which was right in the middle of the Super Bowl), lots of the Ward members proved their faith and we had a pretty full chapel for Sacrament meeting. Plus the highlight of the meeting was when Tony, our recent convert, got to bless the Sacrament and he bore his testimony. That is always a good feeling.

We also got the chance to help teach the Stake Mission Prep class, which is always a good time, even if we did just find out an hour before and then prepared the wrong lesson. But that's the great thing about the Spirit, it can call audibles pretty well.

Love you all,
Elder Kingston Matua

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