Thursday, September 25, 2014

Referrals and more service

So we got in all of our regular visits and contacted some of our referrals this week. We did a ton of service. There was an old couple who was in a time crunch in putting some finishing touches on their house so we helped them. We moved all their stuff, helped paint, and my personal favorite, scrub all the tile floors.

We also helped move a family (who was also in a time crunch) move stuff from one house to another. They are non-members from Brazil and they were very surprised that so many young men would be willing to sacrifice a beautiful beach day to come help them move. haha! There was also great support from the ward.

Dad, I'm doing great! It's always good to hear about you and uncle Eddie back in your glory days haha! Transfers will be on October 15th and I'm 98% sure that I am leaving Hau'ula. I have been here for a very long time but I love it.

Last nights dinner was hilarious. They knew Wayne and Kenra. The whole time it felt like was having dinner with you guys and the Tarawhiti's! They were so much like all of you guys. They were all making fun of each other and cracking Samoan and New Zealand jokes! It was the best. haha

Other than that nothing too new this week. Still love life and learning choke.

Love you all!

Elder Kingston Matua

Some photo's from the Saints in Hau'ula:

With the Moea'i family

Meeting auntie Julia Purcell-Ah You for the first time

Dinner with the Alaiasa family
Dinner with the Tapu & Liava'a families

Being in Hau'ula has truly been a blessing for Elder Matua and for us, his family. No matter where he goes in Laie and Hau'ula we know that he is being cared for. Mahalo and faafetai lava to all of our dear families, friends and all of the lovely people of Hawaii ~ The Matua's

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Less actives, tracting and a prospective Elder

Another week gone by in sunny Hau'ula!

We had a really good week and got to meet some really good people. Along with our normal visits to our less active and elderly friends where we were able to meet another less active family and a less active man whose wife is not a member. With the family we got a very warm welcome...with the older man not so much. haha!

On Saturday we got some help from a YSA ward that want to do some missionary work in our area. They broke up into companionships and each covered a road and tracted out pretty much our whole area. We got a huge chunk of referrals and spent the rest of the day Saturday contacting them.

While the sisters were tracting our area we actually went into the next area over into Ka'a'awa to go out with some guys. Me and elder Shute got the only prospective elder who is getting his papers ready. It was a neat experience to see a younger guy, who is Chase's age, anxious and willing to give tracting a try. I love being able to share missionary experiences with those people who are getting ready to go on missions, especially when I think of Chase who will be leaving in a few short weeks. That is crazy to think that he is in the same place I was a year ago! He is going to be a great missionary, the people of Taiwan are lucky.

We are being fed very well by the Samoan ward. I leave dinners with a very, very, very full stomach.

That's all for today!

Love you all!
Elder Kingston Matua

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stake conference, farming and Samoan lessons

We did a whole lot of the same old same old this week. Visited all of our normal less-actives and were introduced to some new families with the ward mission leader. It was stake conference this weekend so we had a pretty fun and spiritual weekend. On Friday the stake had a family night where we ate tons of food and met some really cool members. Of course there were some Samoan members who knew the Matua's somehow and also an interesting lady from Australia who was the casting director for the old Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum PI. She was telling us all kinds of stories and talked our ears off while we were trying to get our last bites of taro and palusami.

Sunday we had stake conference at the BYU CAC. There were some really good talks from leadership and the Laie temple president and his wife.

We just got done helping this sweet old Hawaiian auntie clear out a patch of land and plant some new taro. I have done so much farming since being here I think I am ready to start my own taro and banana plantation. I love helping the elderly over here. They teach us a lot about the land and do everything old fashion.

Last night before we went home, I got to go on an exchange with Elder Young Yen to see a Samoan family. I loved sitting there and listening to them speak to see what I could pick up. I'm getting better at listening and can answer simple questions, but I hope I can continue to improve. I have loved being so close to the Samoan culture over here in Laie. I'm learning so much and hearing so many great things about the Matua family (mostly just how good dad and uncle Eddie were at basketball).

Elder Kingston Matua

Friday, September 5, 2014

Learning Samoan and doing work

Nothing too crazy happened this week. Our district leader was actually sick all week so we were helping them out with exchanges to teach all their lessons. I got to go with the Samoan elder a few times. He has taught me a ton of Samoan. I can get the gist of most conversations, but I'm still very far from really speaking. I really understand now the reasons why FOBs talk the way they do, hahahaha. They speak English with Samoan grammar haha!

I got the chance to go and teach a young girl that is getting ready for baptism and has less-active parents. That is the majority of our teaching opportunities. I will be with this comp for the rest of the transfer, so 'til about the middle of October. He is a good companion for me right now.

President told me that next transfer I will be training so I'm preparing myself for that. It should be interesting in comparison to the last time I trained. I was still so new - I still feel so new. But at the same time it feels like missionary work has just become a part of me. I feel so much more confident in anything that I do. At the same time I knew how to act mature about it and approach the situations in a correct manor. I think a lot of it has to do with the spirit so I'm hoping to be able to carry a bit of that home with me in my carry-on.

It is crazy that Chase is leaving and I'm on the down hill slope...such a weird feeling.

Ia i ai le atua ia oe male galuega faapea valaauga!
(May the Lord be with you at work and in your callings)

Love you!
Elder Kingston Matua