Sunday, May 29, 2016

Teaching, struggles and happy times in Songshan

Sis Li was baptized this week.
We're so happy for her!
Sister Li got baptized yesterday! It was a great experience and we're very happy for her. She is actually a friend of one of the members here in Songshan. Member missionary work is powerful and can bring a new spirit to the lives of many.

We had another good week. Lots of finding, lots of teaching, lots of baptismal interviews.

Met a really cool new investigator the other day. She started talking to us saying she's really interested in practicing her English. We gave her a tract, and explained to her our main purpose in Taiwan. She started asking questions about what we do. Then she started crying and opened up to us how she wants to feel God and come closer to him. She met with us again yesterday and she's pretty determined to experiment upon the word.

We were struggling in finding yesterday. Sometimes it's just called looking because there's not really any finding going on. That's what it felt like yesterday. Then we ran into Anna. She wants to come to our scripture study class on Friday night and bring her little brother along. God will place people into your path, be ready to open your mouth.

These wonderful ladies are like our mom's here in Taiwan.
We are teaching one of our neighbors. Her name is Xiao Ya. She went to church a long time ago, but stopped going because she didn't really understand what was going on. We ran into her a little bit ago, and last week was the first chance we had to meet with her. We taught her about the restoration and she loved it. She's pumped to learn more.

Yesterday in coordination meeting, the sisters that serve in our ward said, "we have a problem, all of our investigators are guys." Elder Tan looked at each other, thought for a second, and started busting up laughing, "yeah, most of our investigators are girls." We are working with some guys, but they're punks. Pray for us to find more investigators, the prepared ones!

At the end of the day, things are going good here on this side of the pond. Missions are so interesting. This week has helped me understand the whole "Best 2 years FOR your life" thing on another level. Sometimes it's rough, there are even times when I just want to be done. But with perseverance, things get done.

There is a God in the Heavens! and He loves us dearly. Jesus is the Christ, our Savior and Redeemer. I love you guys. Have a blessed week.

Much love,
Elder Chase Matua

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Exchanges, feeling nervous, following the Spirit

Hello everyone!

Things here in Songshan are going well. Sister Li is getting baptized this Saturday. There was also an investigator from Tianmu who called us last night wanting to let me know that he's getting baptized this Saturday as well. I'm very thankful for the opportunity I have had to make many new and hopefully lasting relationships.

Time is flying by super fast. It's starting to get to me. Especially after Skyping you guys last week. I feel like it's going to be over before I know it, and it kind of makes me nervous.

We had an RM who served in our area six years ago eat lunch with us today (He's in the picture with Wu mama). He was telling us how the world is falling apart. Super scary, but then he was sharing with us his experience through it all. It's cool to see that even though the world actually is falling apart, there are still faithful saints like him and you guys that can hold tight to the rod. Thank you for your example and efforts in saving souls.

We had a pretty busy week. Went on three exhanges.

Maybe one of my favorite moments of the week:
We were on exchanges with the assistants and I was with Elder Roe. We met with one of their recent converts named Christopher. He's actually straight from the Philippines. I've never met such a humble man like him before. Anyways, he was humbly searching for some relief from some personal problems. As I sat there listening to him, I immediately started feeling the spirit. Elder Roe shared some scriptures, looked at me and said, "What do you think Elder Matua?" I had no idea what to say, but as I paused I realized, I've been promised that I don't need to worry about what I need to say, all I need to do is open my mouth. I think it was the first time in my entire mission that I really just opened my mouth trusting that Heavenly Father will fill it for me. He did as I spoke directly from my heart. I have felt the spirit speaking through me before, but not as intense as that. Since then I have had other experiences of the spirit filling my mouth with the things that need to be said.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to be out here serving the Lord. It has impacted me greatly.

Much love,
Elder Chase Matua

Monday, May 2, 2016

Welcome to Songshan - a 2 in 1 update

Elder Smith from Lehi, UT
Well I left Tianmu.

And now I'm in Songshan with Elder Tan. Him and I were in the MTC together and we were already great buddies. So we're pretty excited for these coming weeks. Our area is looking great. We have some pretty solid investigators that should be enjoying the blessings of baptism and confirmation here in a little bit. Great people.

As of right now, nothing to crazy to share. I lost my card reader, so hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys next week.

I am trying so hard to remember something cool that happened this week, but the entire week was just so cool that I've forgotten everything. Taiwan is still great. I can see 101 from the kitchen window.

Just to make this email a little more exciting, one of our investigators from Tianmu, Alec Wu came and visited me. He seems pretty pumped to be baptized next week! Good guy.

Well, look forward for an awesome email next week! I love you all.

Peace be the Journey.

5/1/16 Update

Elder Tan and I had another good week

Songshan in the day time
Monday: We went to XiMenDing and Elder Tan bought a new suit. We also went to the activity center and tried swinging at the batting cages. I now know why I never played baseball. Thanks mom and dad. Monday night finding went way went. Elder Tan tried something new: fake falling from his bike to see if any one would stop and help him. Didn't work out for him.

Tuesday: Biked for an hour out to NeiHu for district meeting. Came back and found for the rest of the day because our other 3 appointments all no-showed. Finding in SongShan is a little different. We are on bikes all day and just stop people. In TianMu we would bike to an area that is packed, get off and walk contact. Here we bike it all day. Good stuff.

Songshan at night
Wednesday: First English night in SongShan. I'm back teaching the Advanced class. Super fun. Our class was packed. Lots of people who are really confident with their English speaking abilities get frustrated with each other sometimes. I love learning with them though. English Class is always one of the best parts of the week.

Thursday: Weekly Planning and more finding. We met with an investigator named Sonny. He fed us lunch and then we discussed his efforts in searching for Heavenly Father. He tells us that he's been trying really hard. Elder Tan and I are just trying to help him follow through on all his commitments. Good guy.

Friday: We attended Missionary Leadership Council. Straight 6 hours of training from President and Sister Jergensen and the Assistants. Learned a lot of good stuff about the greatest leader to ever walk the Earth: our Savior Jesus Christ.  Then we headed back to our area and had Texas Road House for dinner. Yes, Texas Road House. My favorite.
Finding with Elder Tan

Saturday: Got stood up by more people, turned out to be another whole day of finding. Found some solid new investigators. Hopefully they'll turn out to be more than hopefuls next week! I love Taiwanese people.

Sunday: Happy Sabbath. Best day of the week! Great services. I spoke in sacrament meeting about the simplicity of the Gospel. Our ward here in SongShan is way awesome! We did a little more finding, then a member fed us dinner. Every First Sunday of the month, they hold a new member/ investigator fireside for anyone to come. For all missionaries serving in the Taipei area, if they bring and RC or an investigator, they can come with them. BUUUT I had a special assignment. Last week Elder Anderton called and asked me if I can sing in it. a duet. He asked me who my MTC comp was, when I told him Elder Liston, he said, "perfect. You and Elder Liston are singing the Spirit of God." NORMALLY I would reject something like that really fast. But I thought to myself, "Mother's day is coming up, mom would like this....maybe.".. so, happy mothers day mom! I sang the Spirit of God last night for you in front of like 200 people.

That's my week.

Christ lives!

See ya next week! Love you guys,
Elder Chase Matua

Saw this at a members house and thought it was funny
Mate ma'a Tonga!