Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rough times in Hauula


We presented the fasting program in ward council of the Hau'ula 4th Ward and they really liked it. Sadly They are shooting to do it in January so I won't get to see the fruits of the program again. But I am more than happy to do what I can to help set it up. The ward council seemed to like it a lot and are all on board. There was a bit of confusion at first but I think they'll all get the spirit of it.

This was a really rough week. Almost all of our lessons cancelled or were a no show. I'm not sure if you know JM or not dad, but he has a son who is nine and hasn't been baptized. We had a lesson set up by Bishop Touli to teach him but they never came. From then on the rest of our lessons were the same - cancelled.

I feel like the lessons that were cancelling was partly my fault. I have been so frustrated that I was having a hard time calming my mind down and tuning in completely to the spirit. I haven't really felt like I've never felt these hurdles during my entire mission, but these are all things that are testing me and increasing my faith. During church and the rest of the weekend I was really praying for a way that I can overcome these setbacks.

Nothing too new other than that.

Alofa ia te oe!
Elder Kingston Matua

Another MTC week

Another awesome week here at the MTC.
Happy to see my buddy Elder C. Horton

Thank you guys so much for the package, it was perfect. The prayer rock is awesome. I'll have to upload pictures next week (I left my camera back at the sushe, sorry:/) Thank you so so much though, really made me happy.

The language is still pretty difficult, but I really enjoy learning it. I'm getting better at saying prayers, and I almost have Joseph Smith's first vision memorized! Teaching our "investigators" is frustrating at times because we still have a hard time understanding them. But we're getting there. It's an awesome feeling when I understand what they're saying and then I can respond to them and help them out. But when it's the opposite, it's quite frustrating.

Nothing too new this week. Elder Whiting came in on Wednesday! I didn't get to host him, but I see him everywhere which is the best! The first time I talked to him, my district kept asking me, "Who's that jacked white kid you were talking to" hahah pretty funny.

Time is going by super fast, I still want it to go by faster though hahaha. I love the MTC, don't get me wrong, it's an amazing place. But I am just so anxious to be in Taiwan. It'll probably be a while before I get there. The next wave of missionaries supposed to be going there just got there memo for reassignments. They'll be getting them this week. So there's a 99% chance I'm gonna be spending Christmas in the states, which is kinda bitter sweet.

Yeah, things are great. Still learning and growing tons. I got released from district leader last night. Elder Ward is still probably my best friend here. He's awesome.

I sent mica a letter in the mail today, he'll probably be getting it tomorrow. Yesterday during priesthood meeting, I had the strongest impression that I needed to write him. It almost brought me to tears. I was just thinking about him a lot yesterday, and throughout the week actually. I hope he's doing good. I miss him, Kenyon, and Quinn. oh and Kingston. and Suka... hahah.

I hope things are well family. I pray for you guys all day long, each and every day. I miss you guys so much. Maybe in the future, the church will start doing family missions! hahah ( no that's not revelation) but our family would be so good at it, and it'd be SO fun!

Love you guys TONS!
Ma Zhang Lao (Elder Chase Matua)

Monday, October 20, 2014

No hurricane threat but lots of work

The Hurricane was just like the last one - just 24-hours of light rain. It would've been nice rugby weather. Everyone just went on like it was a normal day. They were so mad that the first one was nothing, that they just ignored this one. So I hope that there isn't another hurricane that will actually hit us, because I don't think that anyone will be ready. We will see what this "El Nino" year has in store for us. Everyone said the water is really warm though haha!

We talked about the fasting program that we would like to implement and wthe ard seemed all for it. They like the idea that it really works on "cleansing the inner vessel" as well as other aspects of missionary work. It seems like so many bishops are having a hard time committing too much time to finding new members because their own wards are giving them so much work already. We will give the ward council an official presentation on the program next Sunday.

Holidays for us aren't so special. We just get a set time that we stop proselyting and we will probably have like seven meals throughout the day haha! I like not having big things on holidays though because it reminds me of home too much. But this will be my last holiday season so thats pretty crazy. Next month I will only have single digit months left. Thats crazy!!

I'm so glad Calvin [Whiting] is getting out there on a mission already. He is going to be great! And it sounds like Chase is doing good as well.

You and dad are getting old though. I mean two sons on missions, and you will have a 20-year-old in two months..but hey you still look dang good! I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for all that you are for me. I have a really good friend out here in the field and his family actually disowned him when he got baptized. I was with him one time when he got a letter from his mom. He read it to me and it was pretty much hate mail telling him to that he is being lied to and he needs to come home. He is one of the strongest elders I know though.

On the other side it is hard for me to hear missionaries complain about their families. Pride is a huge problem with the young men of the church. It makes me look back on all the times I was just like that in my life and it makes my stomach turn. I now know the value of people, and more importantly family. Heavenly Father puts people in our path for a reason, and if we don't treat those people the way He knows we can, that will be on us. I see a lot of wasted potential, more often than not it is in myself. I want to do my best to take the talents the Lord has given me, even if it might be only one, and put them to use for Him. Then he will make my weaknesses strong.

We had a good week...haha! Mostly a generic week; we taught a lot of our usual visits. But we picked up two new investigators. The first is a Japanese girl named Raina. She is here kinda like an exchange student with a family in the ward. She has listened and to a few of the lessons and enjoys talking to us. She comes to church every Sunday so it is nice to see her there as well. The second, is a man named Mario. He is dating a member and the family set us up to teach him. He had some very good questions and was very interested in the church history. He seemed to like everything and we have another appointment with him the friday.

Other than that all is well here in Hawaii!

Love you all! Alofa tele!
Elder Kingston Matua
Doing a shift at the VC, Laie Temple
Chillin with the Elders at Laie Temple
We're in Red Raider Country - RR4L

A spiritual approach to conflict resolution

It was such a good week. Super long. But super good. I say it was long....but I still feel like I got dropped off yesterday hahah. And here i am, on day 20. INSANE.

Dang Fijians dad! I'm super sad King and I won't be joining you this coming February for the USA Sevens in Las Vegas! Go Manu Samoa! haha

The MTC is still awesome. I have never felt the spirit so constantly. I Love it.

I'm not sure if i wrote you guys about last Thursday night. We were practicing teaching the Plan of Salvation. It is such a great lesson. As i was sitting there thinking about how I have felt the love of God before in my life, the first thing that popped into my mind was my family - especially you mom and dad. I sat there and thought about you guys and the spirit rushed into my heart like I've never felt it before. It was truly incredible. As soon as I started thinking about you guys, it felt as if my whole world had suddenly stopped...literally; and it was as if Heavenly Father himself had come down and gave  me a massive hug. And I felt as if He was talking to me. Not with words..but through feelings in my heart. It was so overwhelming. I have felt the spirit super strong before... but not in this way. Dad and Mom, it was amazing!

I had another special experience on Friday night as well. I still have another week as district leader, and I love how the Lord has blessed me with being able to feel the love for each of his children, especially those in my district and in my zone. The relationships I have formed are awesome.

Elder D, one of the Elders in my room, has sort of been acting like he isn't focused that well. Lately everybody has been trying to figure out how to help him. Our branch presidency, zone leaders, and I have met several times trying to figure out how we can help this Elder. He just goofs off way too much and really doesn't have the missionary mentality yet.

Friday night he was really mad at the zone leaders for some reason. So the zone leaders (Elder W and Elder S, my two really good friends here) pulled me into the room to talk about ways to help him. After only 5 minutes, Elder W. asked me if I think we should just pull him in and talk about it with him in the room. I had an instant impression that it was what we should do. So the three of us walked over to my classroom and they asked me if i would pull him out.

I opened the door, slipped my head in and said, "Elder D, would you step out here with us real quick?"

without hesitation he said no. It took my three tries until he gave in. I paused for a second...let the spirit enter the room and tried my hardest to get his attention. I said, "Elder D, I'm doing this because I love you...please come with me." I'm not gonna lie, my eyes were watering at this point.
He followed us to the room we were previously meeting in.

Elder W asked me to say a prayer and I begged Heavenly Father for the spirit to guide all four of us.
We talked it over; cleared all of the contention in the room and the three of us just tried our hardest to express our love for him.

There was a pause before Elder D said anything. Then he said, "The one thing i was afraid of leaving was my boys at home. I just have sisters, so my homies meant everything. I asked the Lord to help me as I leave my boys at home... and he blessed me with you Matua."

It was an absolutely amazing experience. His countenance changed and he was happy.

Later that night, he was sitting at his desk in the sushe. I went to give him a hug and he told me how all day long he was so frustrated with the zone leaders. He was frustrated with everybody. He told me how he was reading all day long in the scriptures, stories about people meeting Christ. He said he was praying to Heavenly Father that he would be able to meet Jesus Christ, and then I walked into the room for our meeting and as soon as the three of us took him into the other room, he knew it wasn't only us four in the room. He realized God answered his prayers and he was introduced to the love of Christ.

I love and miss you guys! What a good week. I hope you all are doing well.  Grandma's cabin looks way sweet!

Love you fam.
Elder Matua
Ma Zhang Lao.
(Ma = Horse, Zhang Lao = Elder:)

PS - Chad Lewis (BYU) spoke at the devotional last night. It was SO sweet, he served in Taiwan!

Me, Elder Tang & Elder Ward - Provo Temple
Messin around at Provo Temple
Me and my district
Elders Andersen, Dorius. Brinton, Matua & Padilla
Elders Liston, Tang, Matua & Wu
Elders Andersen, Matua, Green and Sis 'Photo Bomber'
Bro. Siaw - member of our Branch Presidency - SO funny
My old Granger Football buddy, Elder Lapuaho!
My MTC Zone - Provo Temple

Monday, October 13, 2014

Still in Hau'ula, the work moves forward


I'm so sorry about last week - we were very busy and only had about 25-min on the computers, but all is well. I will be staying in Hau'ula for another seven weeks. Things here are going good. We plan to propose a program for the wards that we used in one of my other areas. It should get them excited to do some work and also open the door for some miracles, which is kinda what we bank on here in the Laie Zone haha!

But everything is all good. We actually don't have very many changes in our Zone. Most everyone is staying the same and we are getting my old friend Elder Cagilaba over here haha!  It will be fun to serve around him again. Elder Young Yen says hi too!

My Samoan is coming along but I will have another seven weeks to make it better since I will be staying in Hau'ula for another transfer. A little frustrated with that, but the Lord has a plan and I just have find where I fit in. I am going to try a program we set up in my previous area and see how it goes. I'm so grateful for the comps that I have had who taught me how to get things done and work hard.

We got to see the movie "Meet the Mormons" on the Wednesday before conference - we got the special screening! It is really good. You are going to lose it at the end so just be ready. I think most mom's in Utah will lose it at the end haha!

I'll see what I can do for Mica....He is the only one I haven't gotten any email from in the last six or so months....I will do what I can from here but you better believe, when I come home that boy better be ready for me to whip him into shape. I actually miss him a lot. He was always a person that took some work before he would do things and I loved the challenge of getting him to move.

It sounds like those youngest two are just the bestest and Chase is doing great - I saw that coming. When I looked at dad's pics of him going into the MTC, he [Chase] looked like a missionary - like a real life missionary. He is going to do great.

I can't tell you how excited I am to step onto a rugby field again. I will finish strong here for the rest of my time, but that day is one day that I am definitely looking forward to.

All for now

Manuia le feagai ai ma galuega! Alofa tele ia te outou uma!
Elder Kingston Matua

Workin the Laie Visitors Center

We have time to reflect on...something

My version of a 'missionary selfie'?

The Laie Zone

Temple, Mandarin Chinese and MTC life

Ni hao!

We went on a temple walk yesterday, it was so nice. Yesterday was a very peaceful day. I was kind of sad though. I was just really missing home yesterday. I hope you had a fantastic birthday mom.

My branch here is pretty awesome. This Elder plays the piano like nothing i've ever heard before and it's all improv. He invites the spirit so well with music.

Quinn and Kenyon are ballers. Tell them I love them. I really want mica to go on a date too. I think him and Se Hyon (sp?) should go on a double date or something, they would have fun together.

The Ashes are awesome people. I'm so grateful for them.

The language is getting a lot harder. I'm just trying my hardest to stay caught up. hopefully I can. I know that the Lord will provide. My little motto here is "You Ban Fa" (yo bahn fa) - it means "there is a way." It just keeps me smiling, even when I don't want to.

The package you sent was awesome though! Everyone here is jealous of me because I get so many letters and packages haha. Do you think you could send me two pairs of gym shorts, and two tee shirts please? I run through my laundry way fast. Also, I need pictures of you guys! I couldn't find those one's you were talking about.

I love and miss you mom! I really hope you're on right now so I can tell you happy birthday! I was thinking about you all day long and how I could really be using your help. Things are slightly getting harder by the day. In the temple today, I sat there thinking of you sitting right next to me, but then I had to stop thinking that because I started crying and it wouldn't be good to do that to myself. I miss you so much and wish I could give you a birthday hug and kiss! Love you tons mom. thank you for your love and support!

Elder Chase Matua


We study... videos....

...take a break...

...take a longer break...

...then sleep.

More photo's from the MTC

Elder Chase Matua - ready for the day

My District

My buddy - Elder Andersen

Clownin' around w/my companion Elder Liston

Back of my name tag

Front of my name tag

With Elder Ete (Samoa) and Elder Schaap (Tonga) - love these guys

With Vai Sikahema (2nd from L)

Q&A with Vai Sikahema

Great guy - Vai Sikahema

Not sure why we needed a group hug

A visit to the temple

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1st week in the MTC

The MTC is awesome! Elder (Josh) Higgins was so right when he said I would love the MTC. The first day was pretty crazy. The Elder that hosted me at the curb was really nice. One of the first things he said to me was that his first companion got super stressed out and left on day 3. That really scared me and I thought to myself, "It is going to take an eternity to get to day 3!" Now it's already day 6!

Lots of different meetings the new elders and sisters had to go to on days 1, 2, and 3. On day 2 they called me as the District Leader, so that's pretty awesome. Days 2 and 3 really sort of just flew past. 4 and 5 were filled with awesome sessions of conference. I've been feeling the spirit everywhere I go and it's so great. I love it. Last night Vai Sikehema came for our Sunday night devotional and it was really cool. He told us tons of stories about his mission and his life.

We watched a video of a talk given by David A. Bednar titled the Character of Christ. Pretty much changed my view in life. I have an even greater desire to become like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. the talk made me not want to do anything for my self ever again. Seriously! hahaha

My companion is such a great guy. He's 19, from North Ogden. He has such a great spirit. He performed in plays in high school. He's a drama kid... so every thing we do, he tries to make it feel like we're in a movie - comp study, language study, anything we do, he likes to feel like he's in a play. But he's a great guy and I love him.

The other elders in my district (8 elders, all elders!) are pretty cool. Four of us our going to Taipei, 2 are going to Australia, and 2 are going to Canada. One of the elders is from Carlsbad; one's from Pennsylvania.  There's a Caucasian kid from Beijing, one from Nampa, Idaho, one from San Francisco. My comp and another elder are from northern Utah - all really cool guys.

Language is going well. I know how to say basic prayers and I can the recite the Missionary Purpose. We taught our first investigator on Friday night and that did NOT go well. It's really hard to listen to what he was saying, translate it in my head to English, figure out how to respond, translate it to Mandarin, and SAY it to him. It's super hard. but I've learned that just opening your mouth will help.

By the way, the MTC does not give us filtered water bottles. I got the blanket and everybody tries to steal it from me along with ALL of my ties haha. My ties are the sickest!

Conference was awesome. I can't even begin to explain how inspired I was by listening to the words of the prophet, his apostles, and other servants of the Lord. I loved all of Pres. Monson's talks and D. Todd Kristofferson's!

The MTC is awesome. I love it. My testimony of missionary work and of my savior Jesus Christ has grown immensely in these short 6 days.

I got a pic with Elder Schaap and Elder (Ikaika) Ete! Those two goons are hilarious. Ikaika's Samoan is incredible. Monty's just a dork... they both are actually. Major. I also saw a couple others from Lehi and James Holland hahahah pretty funny. I didn't get a chance to say hi to him tho.

Love you all so much!

With love,
Ma Zhong Lao. (elder Matua)

Short (frustrating) message from Elder Kingston Matua

I did see Elder Monty Schaap on TV during conference. That was funny. I was just looking at the ties and I thought I saw a United tie and BOOM it was Monty! Funny guy! Conference was the best!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

From the MTC


Yesterday was awesome! Super crazy, but super awesome. I got all situated. I'm safe and sound. I love the MTC. The food is good. I'll write you Monday. My P-day is Monday.

Elder Chase Matua

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elder Chase Matua reports to the Provo MTC

Today we dropped off our second son, Elder Chase Matua, who will be serving in the Taiwan-Taipei Mission. He will be speaking Mandarin. We consider it a blessing that he has been taking Mandarin-Chinese lessons for the past five years.

We have had such a wonderful, spiritual time helping him to prepare for this incredible journey he is now embarking on as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was so nervous these past few days but the moment we arrived on the MTC campus his face was beaming and he could not wait to get started.

Chase has a kind heart, an even temperament and a deep love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We know that he has prepared himself thoroughly for the mission field but there is so much more that he will learn in the next 24-months that will truly bless his life forever.

We can't wait to hear from Chase. We are looking forward to his first communication. We will post his updates here just like we have for Kingston. Our sincere love and appreciation to all of you who have made it possible for Chase to fulfill this lifelong dream of serving a full-time mission. May our Father in Heaven bless you for your kindness and love.

Alofa tele, aloha nui loa and xie-xie
The Matua's
Just moments before Elder Chase Matua enters the Provo MTC

Being sick is not 'sick'

Well this week started good.

We went to the temple on Tuesday then had to take our car to Kaneohe for an oil change. I was able to help Sister Tamahari, an elderly Tahitian lady, when she needed a blessing. But on Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat which got worse by the end of the day and eventually turned into some kind of cold/flu bug. That wasn't very fun. I wasn't able to do very much Thursday and Friday. It seemed like everywhere we went all week there was at least one person in each household that had the same thing I did.

Saturday was better. I got to help Elder Young Yen give the missionary moment at a baptism in Kahuku. The kick is that we did it in 100% Samoan. haha Funny experience! I just read "O le Toefuataina" (The Restoration) pamphlet when it was my turn and then "Faasoa lau molimau." Haha I am really understanding the gospel language in Samoan very well. Even though I get the 'deer in the headlights' look when ever an auntie or uncle walks up to me and asks me something.. haha!

Sunday while my bro Chase was giving a talk (in our home ward, Lehi 41st), I was also giving a talk in the Hauula 4th ward. I spoke on member missionary work and feel pretty good about how it went. I feel that I have a good system for giving talks now.

Last night we also had the opportunity to have a dinner at a part member family's house. They feed students from BYUH every Sunday and have been wanting for us to come over ever since I've been here. Since we had an appointment fall through we were able to go. I talked to a lot of returned missionaries so that was fun.

Even though I got sick this week still turned out pretty good.

Love you all!
Elder Kingston Matua

My happy face with Elder's in our zone

Another p-day on the North Shore