Monday, October 20, 2014

No hurricane threat but lots of work

The Hurricane was just like the last one - just 24-hours of light rain. It would've been nice rugby weather. Everyone just went on like it was a normal day. They were so mad that the first one was nothing, that they just ignored this one. So I hope that there isn't another hurricane that will actually hit us, because I don't think that anyone will be ready. We will see what this "El Nino" year has in store for us. Everyone said the water is really warm though haha!

We talked about the fasting program that we would like to implement and wthe ard seemed all for it. They like the idea that it really works on "cleansing the inner vessel" as well as other aspects of missionary work. It seems like so many bishops are having a hard time committing too much time to finding new members because their own wards are giving them so much work already. We will give the ward council an official presentation on the program next Sunday.

Holidays for us aren't so special. We just get a set time that we stop proselyting and we will probably have like seven meals throughout the day haha! I like not having big things on holidays though because it reminds me of home too much. But this will be my last holiday season so thats pretty crazy. Next month I will only have single digit months left. Thats crazy!!

I'm so glad Calvin [Whiting] is getting out there on a mission already. He is going to be great! And it sounds like Chase is doing good as well.

You and dad are getting old though. I mean two sons on missions, and you will have a 20-year-old in two months..but hey you still look dang good! I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for all that you are for me. I have a really good friend out here in the field and his family actually disowned him when he got baptized. I was with him one time when he got a letter from his mom. He read it to me and it was pretty much hate mail telling him to that he is being lied to and he needs to come home. He is one of the strongest elders I know though.

On the other side it is hard for me to hear missionaries complain about their families. Pride is a huge problem with the young men of the church. It makes me look back on all the times I was just like that in my life and it makes my stomach turn. I now know the value of people, and more importantly family. Heavenly Father puts people in our path for a reason, and if we don't treat those people the way He knows we can, that will be on us. I see a lot of wasted potential, more often than not it is in myself. I want to do my best to take the talents the Lord has given me, even if it might be only one, and put them to use for Him. Then he will make my weaknesses strong.

We had a good week...haha! Mostly a generic week; we taught a lot of our usual visits. But we picked up two new investigators. The first is a Japanese girl named Raina. She is here kinda like an exchange student with a family in the ward. She has listened and to a few of the lessons and enjoys talking to us. She comes to church every Sunday so it is nice to see her there as well. The second, is a man named Mario. He is dating a member and the family set us up to teach him. He had some very good questions and was very interested in the church history. He seemed to like everything and we have another appointment with him the friday.

Other than that all is well here in Hawaii!

Love you all! Alofa tele!
Elder Kingston Matua
Doing a shift at the VC, Laie Temple
Chillin with the Elders at Laie Temple
We're in Red Raider Country - RR4L

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