Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rough times in Hauula


We presented the fasting program in ward council of the Hau'ula 4th Ward and they really liked it. Sadly They are shooting to do it in January so I won't get to see the fruits of the program again. But I am more than happy to do what I can to help set it up. The ward council seemed to like it a lot and are all on board. There was a bit of confusion at first but I think they'll all get the spirit of it.

This was a really rough week. Almost all of our lessons cancelled or were a no show. I'm not sure if you know JM or not dad, but he has a son who is nine and hasn't been baptized. We had a lesson set up by Bishop Touli to teach him but they never came. From then on the rest of our lessons were the same - cancelled.

I feel like the lessons that were cancelling was partly my fault. I have been so frustrated that I was having a hard time calming my mind down and tuning in completely to the spirit. I haven't really felt like I've never felt these hurdles during my entire mission, but these are all things that are testing me and increasing my faith. During church and the rest of the weekend I was really praying for a way that I can overcome these setbacks.

Nothing too new other than that.

Alofa ia te oe!
Elder Kingston Matua

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