Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1st week in the MTC

The MTC is awesome! Elder (Josh) Higgins was so right when he said I would love the MTC. The first day was pretty crazy. The Elder that hosted me at the curb was really nice. One of the first things he said to me was that his first companion got super stressed out and left on day 3. That really scared me and I thought to myself, "It is going to take an eternity to get to day 3!" Now it's already day 6!

Lots of different meetings the new elders and sisters had to go to on days 1, 2, and 3. On day 2 they called me as the District Leader, so that's pretty awesome. Days 2 and 3 really sort of just flew past. 4 and 5 were filled with awesome sessions of conference. I've been feeling the spirit everywhere I go and it's so great. I love it. Last night Vai Sikehema came for our Sunday night devotional and it was really cool. He told us tons of stories about his mission and his life.

We watched a video of a talk given by David A. Bednar titled the Character of Christ. Pretty much changed my view in life. I have an even greater desire to become like my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. the talk made me not want to do anything for my self ever again. Seriously! hahaha

My companion is such a great guy. He's 19, from North Ogden. He has such a great spirit. He performed in plays in high school. He's a drama kid... so every thing we do, he tries to make it feel like we're in a movie - comp study, language study, anything we do, he likes to feel like he's in a play. But he's a great guy and I love him.

The other elders in my district (8 elders, all elders!) are pretty cool. Four of us our going to Taipei, 2 are going to Australia, and 2 are going to Canada. One of the elders is from Carlsbad; one's from Pennsylvania.  There's a Caucasian kid from Beijing, one from Nampa, Idaho, one from San Francisco. My comp and another elder are from northern Utah - all really cool guys.

Language is going well. I know how to say basic prayers and I can the recite the Missionary Purpose. We taught our first investigator on Friday night and that did NOT go well. It's really hard to listen to what he was saying, translate it in my head to English, figure out how to respond, translate it to Mandarin, and SAY it to him. It's super hard. but I've learned that just opening your mouth will help.

By the way, the MTC does not give us filtered water bottles. I got the blanket and everybody tries to steal it from me along with ALL of my ties haha. My ties are the sickest!

Conference was awesome. I can't even begin to explain how inspired I was by listening to the words of the prophet, his apostles, and other servants of the Lord. I loved all of Pres. Monson's talks and D. Todd Kristofferson's!

The MTC is awesome. I love it. My testimony of missionary work and of my savior Jesus Christ has grown immensely in these short 6 days.

I got a pic with Elder Schaap and Elder (Ikaika) Ete! Those two goons are hilarious. Ikaika's Samoan is incredible. Monty's just a dork... they both are actually. Major. I also saw a couple others from Lehi and James Holland hahahah pretty funny. I didn't get a chance to say hi to him tho.

Love you all so much!

With love,
Ma Zhong Lao. (elder Matua)

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