Monday, October 13, 2014

Still in Hau'ula, the work moves forward


I'm so sorry about last week - we were very busy and only had about 25-min on the computers, but all is well. I will be staying in Hau'ula for another seven weeks. Things here are going good. We plan to propose a program for the wards that we used in one of my other areas. It should get them excited to do some work and also open the door for some miracles, which is kinda what we bank on here in the Laie Zone haha!

But everything is all good. We actually don't have very many changes in our Zone. Most everyone is staying the same and we are getting my old friend Elder Cagilaba over here haha!  It will be fun to serve around him again. Elder Young Yen says hi too!

My Samoan is coming along but I will have another seven weeks to make it better since I will be staying in Hau'ula for another transfer. A little frustrated with that, but the Lord has a plan and I just have find where I fit in. I am going to try a program we set up in my previous area and see how it goes. I'm so grateful for the comps that I have had who taught me how to get things done and work hard.

We got to see the movie "Meet the Mormons" on the Wednesday before conference - we got the special screening! It is really good. You are going to lose it at the end so just be ready. I think most mom's in Utah will lose it at the end haha!

I'll see what I can do for Mica....He is the only one I haven't gotten any email from in the last six or so months....I will do what I can from here but you better believe, when I come home that boy better be ready for me to whip him into shape. I actually miss him a lot. He was always a person that took some work before he would do things and I loved the challenge of getting him to move.

It sounds like those youngest two are just the bestest and Chase is doing great - I saw that coming. When I looked at dad's pics of him going into the MTC, he [Chase] looked like a missionary - like a real life missionary. He is going to do great.

I can't tell you how excited I am to step onto a rugby field again. I will finish strong here for the rest of my time, but that day is one day that I am definitely looking forward to.

All for now

Manuia le feagai ai ma galuega! Alofa tele ia te outou uma!
Elder Kingston Matua

Workin the Laie Visitors Center

We have time to reflect on...something

My version of a 'missionary selfie'?

The Laie Zone

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