Monday, October 13, 2014

Temple, Mandarin Chinese and MTC life

Ni hao!

We went on a temple walk yesterday, it was so nice. Yesterday was a very peaceful day. I was kind of sad though. I was just really missing home yesterday. I hope you had a fantastic birthday mom.

My branch here is pretty awesome. This Elder plays the piano like nothing i've ever heard before and it's all improv. He invites the spirit so well with music.

Quinn and Kenyon are ballers. Tell them I love them. I really want mica to go on a date too. I think him and Se Hyon (sp?) should go on a double date or something, they would have fun together.

The Ashes are awesome people. I'm so grateful for them.

The language is getting a lot harder. I'm just trying my hardest to stay caught up. hopefully I can. I know that the Lord will provide. My little motto here is "You Ban Fa" (yo bahn fa) - it means "there is a way." It just keeps me smiling, even when I don't want to.

The package you sent was awesome though! Everyone here is jealous of me because I get so many letters and packages haha. Do you think you could send me two pairs of gym shorts, and two tee shirts please? I run through my laundry way fast. Also, I need pictures of you guys! I couldn't find those one's you were talking about.

I love and miss you mom! I really hope you're on right now so I can tell you happy birthday! I was thinking about you all day long and how I could really be using your help. Things are slightly getting harder by the day. In the temple today, I sat there thinking of you sitting right next to me, but then I had to stop thinking that because I started crying and it wouldn't be good to do that to myself. I miss you so much and wish I could give you a birthday hug and kiss! Love you tons mom. thank you for your love and support!

Elder Chase Matua


We study... videos....

...take a break...

...take a longer break...

...then sleep.

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