Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Another MTC week

Another awesome week here at the MTC.
Happy to see my buddy Elder C. Horton

Thank you guys so much for the package, it was perfect. The prayer rock is awesome. I'll have to upload pictures next week (I left my camera back at the sushe, sorry:/) Thank you so so much though, really made me happy.

The language is still pretty difficult, but I really enjoy learning it. I'm getting better at saying prayers, and I almost have Joseph Smith's first vision memorized! Teaching our "investigators" is frustrating at times because we still have a hard time understanding them. But we're getting there. It's an awesome feeling when I understand what they're saying and then I can respond to them and help them out. But when it's the opposite, it's quite frustrating.

Nothing too new this week. Elder Whiting came in on Wednesday! I didn't get to host him, but I see him everywhere which is the best! The first time I talked to him, my district kept asking me, "Who's that jacked white kid you were talking to" hahah pretty funny.

Time is going by super fast, I still want it to go by faster though hahaha. I love the MTC, don't get me wrong, it's an amazing place. But I am just so anxious to be in Taiwan. It'll probably be a while before I get there. The next wave of missionaries supposed to be going there just got there memo for reassignments. They'll be getting them this week. So there's a 99% chance I'm gonna be spending Christmas in the states, which is kinda bitter sweet.

Yeah, things are great. Still learning and growing tons. I got released from district leader last night. Elder Ward is still probably my best friend here. He's awesome.

I sent mica a letter in the mail today, he'll probably be getting it tomorrow. Yesterday during priesthood meeting, I had the strongest impression that I needed to write him. It almost brought me to tears. I was just thinking about him a lot yesterday, and throughout the week actually. I hope he's doing good. I miss him, Kenyon, and Quinn. oh and Kingston. and Suka... hahah.

I hope things are well family. I pray for you guys all day long, each and every day. I miss you guys so much. Maybe in the future, the church will start doing family missions! hahah ( no that's not revelation) but our family would be so good at it, and it'd be SO fun!

Love you guys TONS!
Ma Zhang Lao (Elder Chase Matua)

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