Monday, July 17, 2017

Multiple Updates since June 2017

July 16, 2017 - Food stand lady

This week went by really fast. We had our first zone conference with our new mission president. He is really good at English and he told jokes for like ten minutes that you would find on the back of a Laffy Taffy. He has about six missionaries here who are from his same ward. 

We have been told to stay indoors until after 1 o'clock because it is so hot here. I never new how humid it was in Korea. We are basically drenched in sweat 24/7. We've been walking around all day proselyting because we need more investigators so I'm gettin a real nice farmers tan. 

Last night we were walking around proselyting through a market that comes by our house every five days when we were stopped by a lady standing by a food stand. then she just kept telling us to eat and we cant turn down food so we started eating. Then she pulled out here phone and showed us that she had all the missionaries phone numbers but they were all old so we gave her the new ones. after we talked for a while we found out that she came to church a long time ago and her daughter got baptized five years ago. She told me and Elder Proffit that she would call us later and take all the missionaries her out to eat. 

We have three weeks left in the transfer which is crazy because my companion will go home and I will be at my year mark. Its been a crazy but amazing experienced and I cant wait for the next half. I love this church and I know that it is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Going to do some archery
Yeah that's far
Call me Bulls Eye

July 9, 2017 - They give me no nutrients

This was our first week with our new mission president. He is Korean but fluent in English. He ran the headquarters for the church in Korea or something. But on Saturday our investigator got baptized, who is president Jeong's nephew, and we got president Jeong to come down to baptize him. It was the first time we ever met him so I think we started off on a good note. 

After the baptism we went to our weekly soccer with our youth and their friends. We had 22 people come out and a bunch of them were non members which was really cool. We played members vs non members and we lost 4-5. 

Yesterday we had a bunch of people come out to church. A lot of less active members and our investigators. We have to little chinese kids who got baptized last month in another ward but then their family moved to hogye so they come to our church now. They are 4 and 8 years old and their parents aren't members so they come to church every sunday by themselves and sit with the missionaries. The 4 year old ones name is sung yoon and he literally climbed on top of my head in the middle of sacrament meeting.

Last night we had a ward BBQ at the branch presidents kindergarten that he owns. It is sooo hot in Korea right now. and it is super humid. So the whole time at the BBQ everyone was dripping sweat but it was still really fun. Hogye is a really awesome place to serve and I feel so lucky to get to serve with all these amazing people.

July 2, 2017 - Some random pics

The District
The soccer homies - Ward youth

June 25, 2017
We got our transfer calls yesterday and both me and Elder Proffit are staying in Hogye. I'm pumped I get to stay here. Yesterday we had two investigators come to church. They are both about 13 years old and one of them is our new mission presidents nephew. We set his baptismal date and are planning to have president Jung baptize him.

I went on exchange with the zone leader and he came here to Hogye. We hopped on a bus in the morning to go to out service project and got a little lost. We were talking on the bus and after about an hour and a half elder finch looks out the window and says, this is my area. So we got off and headed back the way we came on a different bus. turns out the place was only two stops away from our house.

We have found a few more investigators. Hoyge is a really small town, for Korea, and almost everyone here knows us. A lot of our new investigators have met the missionaries years ago. and we see the same people on the streets everyday. We try to talk to them when we can but most of them don't want to here it but we keep looking for the ones that do. at least the know who we are. Besides that not too much else going on this week.

Alma 26:15

Throwback to the skating days
Homie still got it

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Two updates in one - Goodbye President Barrow

Dinner with Ward Mission Leader
Yesterday we got to go to president Barrows farewell for the Ulsan stake. We get a new mission president in two weeks. He is a Korean guy from Seoul. A lot of the missionaries know because they are from the same ward and he is the father of one of the sisters in our mission.

Last week we had a stake sports day which was really fun. We had a soccer tournament and our ward won. We got all of the kids that play with us every Saturday to come which was cool since they are almost all non members. Yesterday we met with one of our investigators who brought four of his friends and we are now teaching one of them who lived in Texas as an exchange student.

One of our investigators runs an English academy and we met with him on Thursday. He was really busy so we sat there for a while. But the whole time we were waiting we were talking to this kid and teaching him English, and about our church. English is actually a big way we find people. Besides that nothing much else going on.


Laughs with little Giungmin
Elder Profitt couldn't hang

2nd Update

Sweet az ride
Anther crazy week in 한국. On Tuesday I went on an exchange with elder Youngblood over here in Hogye. Our plan was to un-exchange Wednesday morning at zone conference since we were having it at our chapel here in Hoyge. But on Wednesday morning, when we woke up and started showering we get a call from the zone leaders telling us to get our 72-hour kits and our passports and head to the mission office. We were really surprised for the change of plans since we live 3-hours from the mission home, but we got our stuff together and hoped on a train. When we got there the whole mission was gathered. We ended up having a huge mission conference for President Barrow's farewell. It was really good to see all the missionaries that I haven't seen in months.

President Barrow instructed us to start doing companionship and language study outside, at the library or in a cafe so we can be around the people more. It has worked out really good. We have already met several people just while studying. We have had a few people just walk up to us in the library and ask if we teach an English class, which we do. a little bit racist but its chill.

We had a little boy get baptized on Friday since he just turned 8. There was some drama between some of the family members and some of them ended up leaving but it still turned out to be an awesome baptism.

I hope everyone is doing good back home.

#예수그리스도 후기 성도 교회

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Visiting one of many Buddhist temples here
Korea-Busan Missionaries farewell President Barrow

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another week in Hogye

Exploring and climbing The Dragon
King rocks in Hogye
This week was pretty neat. A lot of nature around these parts... but anyways it was a good week.

We haven't really been able to meet most of our investigators because they have all been "busy" but that's just the Korean life style. But we did meet a really cool kid who is 22 and loves the NBA. We played basketball with him and the whole time he ran around yelling, Lebron! or Curry! in his Korean accent every time he shot or dribbled the ball. He just finished military service and said he wants to starts meeting with us.

Up here in Hogye its just a branch but the members are awesome. We just got assigned to teach the primary once a month and we still do a lot with the young men. Tomorrow we have a stake sports day where we are going to go smash all the other wards in soccer.

Besides that the mission life is going good. Hogye is awesome, the church is true.

Mosiah 2:21

Elder Mica Matua

My Korean style kicks
Exploring with the Elders from the pad
Pausing for a photo op
Some random Inca street performers
Visiting a Buddhist temple
Flat mate Elder Jaebok
Hogye is awesome

Sunday, June 4, 2017

First week in Hogye (May 28 Update)

Exchanges with JaeBok
Another great week in 호계 (Hogye). Not too much happened this week but we did get a visit from Elder Oaks. The whole mission met up in Busan and we got to hear from Elder Oaks, his wife, the Choi's, and Garret Gong from the Seventy. They all gave really good talks. and Elder Oaks roasted Texas since that's where President Barrow is from.

On Saturday we played our weekly soccer game with the young men. We have four young men who are recent converts and their families all hate the church, But they are really good members. they have to leave their church clothes in the missionary room and change when they get to church so that their parents don't know that they are coming to church. On Saturday they brought a bunch of friends to soccer. we had about 20 people there. We played non-members vs members. We are actually teaching a few of them right now.

We are still working on finding new investigators and trying to help the ones that we have. Its a really nice area, a lot smaller than Busan, a little bit country. But still has more people than the entire state of Utah. Things are goin good here.

Check out Mosiah 5:15

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Hogye is country!
Pretty cool street art here
Sportin that Granny Yeezy gear
Exchanges with the Zone Leaders
Out and about with Elder Profit

Transfer #6 (May 21 Update) -- Hogye

Final investigators in Yunsan
Sorry we're late updating the blog. We were so excited to speak to Mica on Mother's Day that we've been slacking ever since.

I just got transferred to 호계 (Hogye) up in Ulsan. It is a lot different from the big city Busan. Me and one of the new Elders had to take a 30-min train to a bus station and then take a two hour bus to our area. It was a miracle that we didn't get lost. It was both our first times in Ulsan.

My new area is a lot more country. It takes us over an hour on bus to get to district meeting. The Branch here is really awesome. They have quite a few young men but not any young men leaders so the missionaries are in charge of that. We teach Seminary, Sunday School, and play soccer with them every week. Most of the young men are recent converts and are the only member in their family and their parents hate the church but they still come ever
y week. And they are really good at bringing friends along with them.

Failed final Zone pick before
leaving Yunsan
Yesterday when me and Elder Profit were proselyting we were walking through this huge market and we heard a concert going on. We walked down the street and there was a huge crowd of old people watching a concert of some old Korean singers. As me and Elder Profit walked past we just started clapping. When the song ended the man who was hosting or the Emcee said in Korean, "Everybody get into it like these two foreigners back there." Then he asked us where we were from and when we replied in Korean he was so shocked. When the next group started performing he ran through the crowd, grabbed us and pulled us up on stage and made us dance. It was pretty fun. Hopefully we get some investigators out of that since we're famous now.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Final pic with the homie Steve-O

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Baptisms, elections

Baptism day!
Not too much going on this week.

They are having the elections right now for the new Korean president and its pretty funny. Each of the candidates has their own color and they have trucks that drive around with with old ladies holding out peace signs all over the city.

We had a baptism yesterday of this little girl who's parents just started coming back to church. I had to sing a song for the baptism and is was pretty embarrassing. We had to use the vacuum hose to get the water in the font because someone lost the actual hose.

We got two new investigators this week and one of our investigators is scheduled for baptism next week.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

My attempt at Korean style
Hiking above the city
Korea is actually a pretty place

Monday, April 24, 2017

Flat shenanigans and good progress

P-Day at the Zoo with the homies
This week has been great.

We just got an email from our mission president saying, due to tensions in North Korea we have to go pick up our passports from the mission home and get our 72-hour kits ready. But we just keep on working.

Me and Elder Aurich contacted everyone in the area book and met with so many people this past week. Most of them have no interest but we did get a few good ones. We met with a guy named Mr. Park at the church and he started talking about how good he is at tennis. Then he told us about a tennis court where there are always guys playing tennis and he wanted to take us there so we hopped in his car. When we got there, there wasn't a single person there. So we watched the Easter video with him and left. As we were walking out this old man walked in. We introduced ourselves and it turns out he is friends with our old Bishop. We got his number and invited him to church.

Met a lot of awesome people this week and had some great lessons. Oh and someone keeps coming into our apartment when we aren't home. One time we walked in and our washing machine was in the middle of the floor. The next time they just left the door wide open. And a few days ago they left a "surprise" in our toilet. Besides that this week has been great.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Zoo with Elder Aurich

At a massive local stadium

Another very amazing lesson from Steve

Recreation clothes

Chillin in the flat

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Adventures with Sister Kim

Elder Oh - heading home
We had a really great first week of the transfer. We spent the first two days contacting hundreds of people in the area and were able to meet a few people from it. We met with a man who owns a seafood restaurant by the church who I see all the time who turned out to be a former investigator. He was really nice but he told us that if we were trying to convert him to our religion then we are wasting our time. But we stayed and taught him a lesson and bore testimony.

Last night we were walking home and as we were waiting at a light in front of McDonald's this man approached us from behind. When I turned around I recognized him immediately. It was one of the McDonalds workers that we see every week, since Steve takes us to McDonald's a lot. We started talking and then eventually found out that he had been baptized in our church. We had no idea. We got his number and are going to meet with him next week.

Earlier this week we got a call from the grandma of the Yeonsan ward inviting us over for lunch. She told us which bus to ride to get to her house but when we got to the stop we didn't know which direction to take so we caught a taxi. When we got in the taxi we called sister Kim and handed the phone to the driver. Then you just hear her yelling at him, "I told them to take the bus." The driver had a hard time understanding her because her Busan accent is so thick but we eventually made it to her house. When we got close we just see an old lady in a bright yellow rain coat waving down our taxi and it ended up being sister Kim. We were at the bottom of a mountain. We walked about a half a mile strait up the steepest hill I have ever climbed with sister Kim. She is 86 years old and just power walked strait up the mountain like a beast.

When we got there she fed us so much food. Her husband died many years ago and her kids are all moved out so she lives alone. She is such an amazing member. She got baptized 40 years ago after her son joined the Church and now has been a strong member ever since. We shared a message with her and then said a prayer and when we were about to leave she said, 'I need to go to the market so I will walk down with you guys.' As we walked out of the apartment there were two old ladies standing outside and they asked her where she was going and she yelled, 'the market,' but as we were walking away me and Elder Aurich heard them say, she is always with foreigners, they didn't know we speak Korean. As we walked down the mountain we kept passing old ladies and Sister Kim would randomly say to them, 'We are going to the market.' They would reply, 'together?' And Sister Kim would say, 'You bet!' it was pretty funny. Then she waited at the bus stop with us and yelled at the bus driver to make sure we got to the right place.

General Conference was awesome this past week. I think it was the first time I didn't fall asleep throughout the whole thing. Being a missionary, listening to the words of the prophets is very different. It is really cool hearing the testimonies of people who have so much experience in the gospel. #thechurchistrue #PrinceofPeace.

Love you guys
Elder Mica Matua

Made it to Sister Kim's house
Hiking with Sister Kim

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Staying in Yeonsan and Michael Jackson's man

Saying goodbye to Elder Johnston
I'm staying in Yeonsan for another transfer but I will be getting a new companion today. Im glad I get to stay though. I really love serving here.

We don't get to watch General Conference until next week because they have to translate it for the Koreans. I heard about Elder Choi's talk. He is our homie over here in Korea.

This week has been going good though. As we were proselyting we met this guy named Kitte Gar. He is in love with michael jackson. While we were talking to him he just kept busting out his michael jackson moves. He said he practices every morning. when we were talking to him, he literaly, mid sentence,  would just look up to the sky, scream and yell, "NO Michael, 2009, he went up to the sky!" he did that about three or four times. We see him pretty often now while we are walking around the city. I don't even know if he's real.

Not to much happened this week. The Bath house was great this morning. Excited for general conference.

Hope you guys have a good week.
Elder Mica Matua

With my homies from the Ward
Me, Master Steve and Elder Johnston
Getting our grub on
Bath house squad