Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another week in Hogye

Exploring and climbing The Dragon
King rocks in Hogye
This week was pretty neat. A lot of nature around these parts... but anyways it was a good week.

We haven't really been able to meet most of our investigators because they have all been "busy" but that's just the Korean life style. But we did meet a really cool kid who is 22 and loves the NBA. We played basketball with him and the whole time he ran around yelling, Lebron! or Curry! in his Korean accent every time he shot or dribbled the ball. He just finished military service and said he wants to starts meeting with us.

Up here in Hogye its just a branch but the members are awesome. We just got assigned to teach the primary once a month and we still do a lot with the young men. Tomorrow we have a stake sports day where we are going to go smash all the other wards in soccer.

Besides that the mission life is going good. Hogye is awesome, the church is true.

Mosiah 2:21

Elder Mica Matua

My Korean style kicks
Exploring with the Elders from the pad
Pausing for a photo op
Some random Inca street performers
Visiting a Buddhist temple
Flat mate Elder Jaebok
Hogye is awesome

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