Sunday, June 4, 2017

Transfer #6 (May 21 Update) -- Hogye

Final investigators in Yunsan
Sorry we're late updating the blog. We were so excited to speak to Mica on Mother's Day that we've been slacking ever since.

I just got transferred to 호계 (Hogye) up in Ulsan. It is a lot different from the big city Busan. Me and one of the new Elders had to take a 30-min train to a bus station and then take a two hour bus to our area. It was a miracle that we didn't get lost. It was both our first times in Ulsan.

My new area is a lot more country. It takes us over an hour on bus to get to district meeting. The Branch here is really awesome. They have quite a few young men but not any young men leaders so the missionaries are in charge of that. We teach Seminary, Sunday School, and play soccer with them every week. Most of the young men are recent converts and are the only member in their family and their parents hate the church but they still come ever
y week. And they are really good at bringing friends along with them.

Failed final Zone pick before
leaving Yunsan
Yesterday when me and Elder Profit were proselyting we were walking through this huge market and we heard a concert going on. We walked down the street and there was a huge crowd of old people watching a concert of some old Korean singers. As me and Elder Profit walked past we just started clapping. When the song ended the man who was hosting or the Emcee said in Korean, "Everybody get into it like these two foreigners back there." Then he asked us where we were from and when we replied in Korean he was so shocked. When the next group started performing he ran through the crowd, grabbed us and pulled us up on stage and made us dance. It was pretty fun. Hopefully we get some investigators out of that since we're famous now.

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Final pic with the homie Steve-O

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