Sunday, June 4, 2017

First week in Hogye (May 28 Update)

Exchanges with JaeBok
Another great week in 호계 (Hogye). Not too much happened this week but we did get a visit from Elder Oaks. The whole mission met up in Busan and we got to hear from Elder Oaks, his wife, the Choi's, and Garret Gong from the Seventy. They all gave really good talks. and Elder Oaks roasted Texas since that's where President Barrow is from.

On Saturday we played our weekly soccer game with the young men. We have four young men who are recent converts and their families all hate the church, But they are really good members. they have to leave their church clothes in the missionary room and change when they get to church so that their parents don't know that they are coming to church. On Saturday they brought a bunch of friends to soccer. we had about 20 people there. We played non-members vs members. We are actually teaching a few of them right now.

We are still working on finding new investigators and trying to help the ones that we have. Its a really nice area, a lot smaller than Busan, a little bit country. But still has more people than the entire state of Utah. Things are goin good here.

Check out Mosiah 5:15

Love you all,
Elder Mica Matua

Hogye is country!
Pretty cool street art here
Sportin that Granny Yeezy gear
Exchanges with the Zone Leaders
Out and about with Elder Profit

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