Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Work, a new assignment and feeling the spirit

Another great week here at the MTC. I really need to start writing things down so I know what to talk about in these emails. Every day is actually pretty much the same. Wake up, grab breakfast, work out, study, lunch, class, dinner, class, study, go to bed haha. It's nice though. I really do love it here. Being a missionary is awesome.

The rest of the seasoned elders and sisters in our branch are all leaving tomorrow. Some of them left this morning, the rest will be gone by tomorrow night. They got their reassignments to Anaheim, San Fernando and Elder ward got reassigned to Salt Lake City which he has a great attitude about. He was the only missionary in that group of reassignments that wasn't from Utah so they sent him to the Salt Lake mission. I'm really sad because he was my best friend here. But it's okay, I'm sure I'll see him again.

We haven't heard any word on our reassignments yet. We should be getting them in two weeks. It's getting really backed up. There are a lot of missionaries still in the states waiting for their visas. I'm thinking I'll get to Taiwan around February or March. Whatever the Lord has in store for me, I'm excited either way. Plus I'll get to spend Christmas in the States!

They called me and Elder Liston as Zone Leaders. Kind of nervous about it. I feel super inadequate. But I know the Lord called me for a reason. I'm excited and happy to have the opportunity to grow in that area. Excited to serve.

Elder Uhi came in on wednesday! We have gym at the same time so I see him around a lot. He seems really happy. They made him the District Leader, and I'm sure he's loving it. Elder Whiting leaves tomorrow morning for Florida. Elder Horton got his visa for Brazil so he'll be leaving tomorrow as well.

Did you guys get my letter? I got super excited for the new clothes, and everybody LOVED the peanut butter bars. I sent you a letter, but I guess my letters haven't been getting there or something? Kaylee says she hasn't gotten a written letter from me for a while so I don't know what the deal with that is. It actually kind of frustrates me but oh well. yeah, thank you so much for the package. everything fits good, the ensign is awesome, everythings great! Thank you.

I got a package saying it was from the Mellors...but I opened it and it was a letter from Taylor? I don't know who Taylor is...maybe Taylor Soifua? I don't know, but if it is, thank her for me. It was a ton of Reeses, really nice.

I haven't gotten around to stop by the health clinic to grab a reimbursement form, i will this week.
Yesterday they announced the summer dress code has ended. so we have to wear a suit coat everyday now. I'm actually pretty happy about it. I love wearing my suits haha.

The language is still moving along. It's really hard, sometimes discouraging even. Its good though. During testimony meeting yesterday, I understood most of what was said so that's a good sign.
Everything else is super good. I can't believe I start week six on Wednesday. Time really does fly.
Over this past month I've spiritually grown a lot. One of the very important realizations I've come to is how much I love my family. Whenever I think about any one of you guys, Dad, Mom, Kingston, Mica, Kenyon, or Quinn, tears fill my eyes because I have discovered for this overwhelming, unconditional love for each of you. I'm so excited to be doing this. Being on a mission (granted I've only been in the MTC) has been a huge blessing. I've grown in ways I didn't think possible. I'm discovering new things about myself and about the Lord. It has been such a blessing. But I cannot wait to get home so I can talk to you guys again. When our family is all back together again, it is going to be a wonderful day. But until that day comes, I just want to let you guys know that I love you so much. Mom and Dad, i love you so much. I don't know why, but Heavenly Father put my into such an incredible family. I'm so very grateful for that.

I love and miss you. I hope this week treats you well.

Ma Zhang Lao

Ma Zhang Lao

I love getting mail and treats

With my dear friend Elder N. Uhi...G'House!

Me, Elder Steele & Elder Liston

Elder Steele, Elder Ward, me & Elder Liston

Elder Liston, me, Elder Crockett & Elder Gaithwright

Yes, we have fun in the MTC

Me and this South African stud, Elder Whiting - United Rugby!

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