Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Choke Samoan food and failed appointments

Well this week was another rough one. We had most of our appointments fall through, but there was always something that came up right after the heartbreak of a missed lesson. Funny how that works.

I went on an exchange with Elder Young Yen to contact some of the Samoan families. They are a lot more open when there is someone there that is speaking their language - funny how that works too.

During ward council someone had jokingly brought up an older man who needed a blessing. The room went kinda quite and then we raised our hands and said that we volunteer. It was a less-active guy so it was a good way for us to get on his good side.

We spent time doing some service for the Eskaran family, I served in their sons ward in Kona. We were cutting that dang California grass, about 10-min after we finished I was destroyed by allergies. That was the first time in a long time. Not looking forward to that [allergies] when I get back to the cold dry place [Utah].

I ran into the Olers this week so that was yet another funny coincidence.

We have been getting choke Samoan food. The Samoan ward is feeding and Bishop Touli challenged everyone to feed us in their homes, and not just drop something off. Which is great, but every night ko'aga'i is a lot of food. But I can now say that I love taro, ulu, palusami, and all the other goods.

Another funny note - At almost every dinner there is either no salad, or the bowl of salad goes untouched all night haha! Them Samoans!

We have an Elder Iabeta here from Kiribati. Cool guy. You should ask the Wobel's and Nauluai's if they know his parents, Kokoria and Lita Iabeta.

Alofa atu mo matou uma! Faafetai lava mo lo outou lagolago mai ile galuega ma alolofa mai.

Alofa tele ia te oe!

Elder Kingston Matua

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