Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Teaching and serving the Thanksgiving way

This week was pretty good. For Thanksgiving we are just planning to hit a couple of members houses who wanted us over for dinner, so we will be eating all day. Some guys at PCC invited us to come and play touch rugby over at BYU. The 4th ward invited us to their turkey bowl too. I love that you can do Thanksgiving stuff here and not have to freeze your butt off.

We did some service a few days ago where we moved these huge logs behind Reno Mahe's moms fruit stand. The logs were going over the umu that Titas Grill is going to use to make 250 turkeys for the homeless and senior couples. The hole was huge!

It has been getting colder here too (65 degrees) haha! I'm gonna be in some trouble when I get home. I have to wear a hoodie when it gets below 70.

I need to do better at journal writing...I am really no good at that at all.

Working on your health is good. It is now officially been said over the pulpit in General Conference so everyone should be doing it. I can testify that being healthy = being happy. Less stress when you are fit, I've seen both ends of that since I've been here.

I haven't had any confirmation that I am actually leaving (transfer) yet. I won't know until this Sunday. It is not likely that I will stay here but there is still a chance. I will miss a lot of the people that I have met here but at the same time I am ready for some change. It is not like being at home where you can be just fine staying in one area for a long time. Here we love the people and all but there is so much that we can't do in each area so we just want to get out of there and find a new place with new people. It is kinda hard to explain. But there is a reason missionaries don't spend two years in one area.

Me and Elder Young Yen went on a split again, which seems to be happening a lot. We taught a second lesson to this couple from the east coast. They are very open and the spirit is so strong in the lessons. They have gone through a tough time as a couple and are looking for something to help them be happy.

Our most recent lesson with them was on the plan of salvation which was perfect for them. They really want to be a family forever. At the very beginning of the lesson we asked if they had any specific questions. The husband asked us this really long question where he voiced his frustrations and asked how we deal with our frustrations daily. I pointed at the Book of Mormon in front of him and told him read and pray. I love that I have gotten to the point where those kind of answers have become automatic. I know without a doubt in my mind that the Book Of Mormon is 100% true and that Heavenly Father wants to hear from us every day and He knows what we need most.

I hope you have another great week!

Alofa ia te oe!
Elder Kingston Matua

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