Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Working hard and praying harder

Me and Elder Young Yen
That is crazy that all those little ones (Pete, Morgan, Keanu) are getting baptized. That's pretty much how it is going to be now with all those little Kolowich kids growing up. They will all go through same phases we did as a family haha.

This will be the last Vegas trip that I miss haha, that is crazy! I think if United wants to continue to be a power in rugby they need to step back and remember why they are who they are. I can testify that a good youth sports program with the highest standards helped me to become the person I am today. Those boys should always have a chance to not only be their best but learn that there are things more important in life than just winning and recognition. I feel like my group was great in knowing that we were there for each other and as a result we did well and became better men. and now 90% of us are on missions.

For now I get to stay in beautiful Hau'ula. I find joy here everyday. When you put your problems behind you and show your love for the people, all problems tend to disappear. That is one of the greatest things that I have learned. People will be people, but when you can see them through the Lord's eyes, it is impossible not to love them. I'm sure you are having you own experiences with that at home and I'm sure I will experience it for the rest of my life.

All my clothes are fine other than I ripped a huge whole down the backside of one of my pants playing volleyball at a kids activity. The Sr. sister said she could fix it.

I loved the package thank you so much! Elder Young Yen was pumped to get something, he hasn't gotten anything since he's been here in Laie (4 months). It is too expensive for his family to send anything. He was very grateful and sends his love for you guys. I was praying for healthy stuff when I opened the box, but since it was Halloween I didn't think that was going to be the case. I allowed myself for some cheat time on that holiday. But I have decided that I really don't like Halloween or anything that it represents. Kinda lame.

I started cross-fit this morning. I will do it throughout Nov. until I get transferred. Me and and a couple of other elders will do it two times a week. The guy that runs it is pretty cool. I've just gotta get into some kinda shape here. I know I won't be great until after I get home and have a solid amount of time to workout, but I'll do what I can here.

Alofa tele mo outou uma
Elder Kingston Matua

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