Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Nine weeks into it and lovin every moment

We start week nine this Wednesday. Time has never flown so fast. What's also kinda crazy is that it's probably not going to be our last week here. If you're confused, it's okay because I myself am still super confused.

We went into the travel office earlier this to check on our visa status. The travel agents told us that they had already reassigned us...but now our reassignments our canceled because our visa's are on their way? We all became really excited finding out, "Hey! We're all going to be in Taiwan in 2 weeks." But now we have to wait another week or so until our visa's actually get here. So I'll be 11 possibly 12 weeks in the MTC, which I'm not too upset about. After that, we were thrown a curve ball when Elder Liston's mom told him in a letter that he had been reassigned to Atlanta.. Now every one's confused again. But I should know where I'm going... as soon as I'm on the plane. That's what I'm waiting for now hahah. It's fun.

Besides that, nothing too exciting has happened. Just the usual - lots of study, lots of eating, and not enough sleep. Life is good.

Thanksgiving should be super fun. We have a General Authority devotional in the morning (we have yet to hear from an apostle in our eight weeks here, but rumor is it's going to be David A. Bednar. But there's lots of rumors that go around this place that aren't true so yeah). After the devotional, there's like a missionary program..? I'm guessing it's like a primary program..with missionaries. SUPER excited about that.... haha. No, it'll be good. After the program, we're doing a huge humanitarian service project. We're supposed to be making over 300,000 meal packs. It's going to be awesome.

Dad, what's the deal with Samoa? That makes me sad that they aren't doing to well. It also sounds like the USA-Fiji game was pretty close. Somebody told me the Cavs lost to the Jazz, and I started laughing, I guess that 'dream team' isn't doing so hot either. Can't wait to hear how the upcoming season goes for the boys. Do you remember a kid named Morgan Clawson? He played for you when you coached Kingston. I guess he played wing. He saw my last name and recognized it, and when I said Kingston's name it clicked.

I saw Elder Toki last night! He left this morning which is pretty crazy that he was already here for two weeks and that was the only time I saw him. I passed him in the cafeteria and I thought to myself, that kid looks super familiar. I noticed his name tag read 'Elder Toki', so I grabbed his arm. He looked at me like I was crazy, and it took him a minute to figure out who I was. Then, without saying anything he gave me the biggest hug. It was hilarious. What a great man. I think he said he was going to North Carolina?

I really need to write a letter to the boys, tell them to look forward to that this week. I miss them too much. Since being here, I've learned how easy it is to drive the spirit away.

It's good to hear Mica, Chris, and Sehyeon are hanging out together. They are good for each other. Especially Mica and Chris for Sehyeon. They can impact his life more than they think. But It makes me happy Mica is hanging out with those two. Now all he has to do is get John, Ramsey, and Bub to hang with them. That would be a powerful group of young men.

Mom, did you get that card? Thank you so much for all of the many packages. I'll have to take a picture of my stash and send it to you (I forgot my camera in the residence again, you'll get a lot of pictures next week).

I actually went off MTC campus this week to go to physical therapy with Elder D (he has shin splints). We walked from the Hospital across the street from Provo High back to the MTC because they didn't have a return shuttle to pick us up and take us back. It was really cool, but It made me feel like a celebrity. EVERY body was honking their horns, some crazy high schoolers (or BYU students?) put their head out their windows and yelled, THE CHURCH IS TRUE. It was really cool. For the first time since I was set apart in President Makai's office, I felt like I was set apart as a representative of Jesus Christ.

I'm sorry there's not too much to report. I'll try to make something funny happen this week...haha
My testimony of the gospel grows every day here. I am surrounded by amazing people who help me grow. Again, my teachers are incredible. They have impacted my life so much. I enjoy being here, and I enjoy being a missionary. I feel Heavenly Father's love for me every day.

I miss you so much family. I hope all is well. I wish you guys a fantastic Thanksgiving! Love you all!
Ma Zhang Lao

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