Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Aloha 'oe and still in Hon-West

We had a good last week of the transfer!

We had a good lesson with our friend Fasia and were able to set a [baptism] date with him in March. We hope everything goes well there. He has a lot of support from the YM in the ward and the leaders. We have a couple of other investigators that we will set dates for this week.

We had a new investigator come to our gospel principles class. She is an older lady. The lesson was kinda confusing with some different members in the class all on different wavelengths, but the spirit was there and it ended pretty well. She is what we call a 'dry Mormon'. She comes to church every Sunday and comes to every activity. She should be solid.

Transfer came and me and Elder Talatau will be staying together for one more transfer. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Seeing that I only have a few more transfers left is kinda freaking me out. Time flies way to fast!

Other than occasional fatigue I am doing great here. Like I said it is just scary thinking that I am so close to the end and soon my life is going to take another step up and change again. I think that is the hardest part about coming on a mission was the adjustment, now I am finally adjusted and its almost done. Then I have to come home and adjust all over again. But I know that doing it the Lord's way will make it easy as pie.

Love you all!
Elder Kingston Matua

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