Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rebounding, miracles and more new years fun

Zone Conference with these
lovely, fun people
Miracles happen when you don't give up. Elder Qiu and I had a much better week. I'll share one of our coolest miracles from this week: The temple sisters called us with a referral earlier in the week. We got in touch with the contact and continued to keep in touch until Sunday night. We called him and invited him and his family to church. He let us know that he wouldn't get off work until 3:00. We encouraged him to come join us for the last little bit. Sacrament meeting comes around the next day and our phone starts buzzing. Elder Qiu looks at me, "It's him." We ran outside to greet a happy Mr. and Mrs. Lin. They were so awesome and really enjoyed church.

Another New Year's celebration
Chinese new years was nuts. I ate way too much food, and I'm getting even more fat.
Lots of other stuff happened that's helping us look onward and upward. Taiwan is doing good!

Elder Qiu and I had a much better week. Rebounded very well. Saw lots of miracles on the street. We have sort of a game plan given to us from the leadership of our mission. "Cloud - Bridge - Bang". It's a method we use on the street where we contact someone, say a prayer with them, teach them simple gospel truths, invite them to baptism, teach them how to pray,
We really have amazing food here
have them say a prayer, and set up a return appointment. All in 10-15 minutes. It's pretty interesting. Lessons vary, but the result is the same: a quick and effective way to separate those that are prepared and those that are not. The field is white already to harvest!

I think one of the biggest things I learned this week was something that my good friend Elder Huntsman shared with me. I must not be afraid to make a mistake. Making the small mistakes now will prepare me for the future. Obviously that doesn't mean I should go around making as many mistakes as possible, but it means I should do my best and let Christ and His masterful hands make my weaknesses become strengths.

I hope and pray that you guys have a wonderful week!
Elder Chase Matua

Having fun with good friends

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