Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary

I just wanted to pen out a quick letter and say ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

How does it feel to know that you have spent 20 years with your eternal companion? Now I'm truly grateful that I get to choose my eternal companion because if I was assigned an eternal companion like out here in the mission field eternity would be even longer LOL

I've really learned to miss and appreciate my brothers out here in the field. If you keep doing what you are doing, those four boys are going to be amazing missionaries. I'm so glad that I have a set of good examples in you two to follow after my mission when I'm at the marriage stage in life which Heavenly Father informed me will happen in due time (according to my Patriarchal Blessing).

I love you both more than you could ever know. I'm so blessed with all the lessons that I have learned from both of you. I am out here doing what I am doing, the way that I am doing it because of you.

Have a good 20th anniversary - you old love birds.

Love Elder Matua

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