Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling down in paradise


Things have be going great here in paradise. I have been working hard and really getting into missionary life. The weather here is very hot and I love it. Last Monday I was grateful for the chance to practice with the Waikoloa Rugby Team - that was refreshing!

I'ts been tough. We have had minimal luck tracting but we are still required to tract for 2 hours each day. So when we don't have scheduled meetings you better believe that we are out knocking on doors. We are finally starting to get some people to answer their doors when we come to visit. Sadly, the majority of them say that they are no longer interested or that they don't have the time. But we just have to be patient and wait for them to come around. There are also a lot of part member families here so that has been really good. There are a lot of very strong moms out here that are kicking their husbands' butts into gear. I'm so grateful for the women of the world. They are all so in-tune with the spirit.

I have gotten to know a young 13-year-old Marshallese boy very well here. He was baptized the week before I arrived here but he still has not been confirmed. His family is starting to make it difficult. We can't seem to catch him on a Sunday so this week we are going over to his home with the Bishop and some of the Young Men's leaders and we are going to confirm him at his house during the week. He is a really smart kid and he knows whats right but he is just caught in his parents culture and really has no say in what goes on. But we are still working hard on him.

On Thursday I had my first exchange. I spent a day in the Kealakekua area with Elder Ward. It was a cool experience to be in a new area with a different companion. I met some of the ward families in that area. One was the Willis family. The mom is from South Africa. She was awesome. The dad is a non-member from Oklahoma - an awesome guy as well. The missionaries are working hard on him but I think some of the ward members kinda scared him off a little. He said it seemed like the ward members were up in his face and trying to baptize him that Sunday. So when you are dealing with non-members in your wards do not suffocate them with the gospel but let the Spirit work on them and you just follow the Spirits' lead.

I also had my first Zone Conference this week which was awesome. I learned so much from the AP's, ZL's as well as President and Sister Warner. It was really fun and so much was learned. I really love President and Sister Warner, they are amazing people who help us out so much here in the HHM.

I had my 'get to know you' interview with President Warner which was awesome. He said I have a special spirit about me. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. My personal mission motto is being created from Ether 12 & Hebrews 11. I've found that the Book of Mormon & Bible greats weren't great because they were born that way, they were made great by exercising faith and leaning upon the understanding of the Lord because He is all-knowing and loves us.

Mom - I got my letter on the 12th and my package on the 13th. I only saw Baker [Elder Pritchard] once during my first transfer meeting. He was recently called as a Zone leader on Oahu so I haven't seen him again but he did see my package cause he left a little note on it. Can you send me my cleats?

Dad & Boys - I'm Glad to hear that everything is going well in the sports world. I'm also glad to see that Coach Hastings is helping those boys reach their potential. Hopefully you guys can help Dillon get things figured out but I bet he has the faith that will bring him many blessings from the Lord.

Good Luck this week in school and football. Stay out of trouble and love all those around you. Stop getting so buff you goons!

Elder Matua

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