Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Windy Waikoloa


Things here in Waikoloa have been going great. Except for the fact that it is so windy! I hate the wind! But besides that I love the weather and the aloha attitudes of the people of Hawaii.

Nearly every day we are going over to homes in our area and playing with the little Marshallese kids and they love it. I love it. They are such happy kids and we are very open to anything they have to say. I've been able to help some of them with their homework, mostly English homework because they don't really understand English. They can speak it and they learn from movies, music, and whatever the teachers are saying but they don't really understand the words that they are reading.

We were finally able to confirm our friend Stevenson as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He was never around for church so we went over with the bishopric and the YM President and confirmed him at his house. It was a great experience. The parents were there and all the little kids too. It was the only time I've ever heard them silent.

We followed up on a referral from the mission home and it was great. His name is Herman and he is a less active RM. We have been coming across a lot of those lately. They are all wanting to come back and their wives are all non-members so we have started working a lot more with part member families. Conference was a big help. All of the speakers were great and of course Elder Holland did not disappoint. The spirit was bursting out of the chapel and all the people there were crying or trying hard not to cry. So many less active RM's were there and they were all reminded how amazing the church is. Elder Holland's biggest thing was, "Those who are visiting for the first time we welcome you. Those who are coming back after being away, we love you and need you back. Those who are active we love you and need you to do more!"

Elder Holland is truly a man of God. He told everyone that he didn't need do be there and that there is nothing we can do to help his faith grow because he is a believer and he will do anything for the Lord. All of the non-members there said that they have never felt so much emotion in a meeting. They all said that they loved it. So I think things are going to start picking up here in Kona.

My testimony grows every day! I hope that I am inching closer and closer to the testimony of Elder Holland. There is still tons that I am needing to learn and I know that. I learn so much about myself and the love that my Heavenly Father has for me. I hope that through my service in the HHM I can reciprocate that love in some way. I have developed a love for the atoning sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love all of our living prophets and their words have helped me grow along with the scriptures. I cannot wait to hear from them again in October.

I continue to love the people of Hawaii and I love to serve them in any way that I can. Sorry for the scatter brained thoughts - I have so much to express and so little time to do it. Words cannot express how great my mission has already been. It has already been the hardest but most beneficial month of my life.

Mom - The only thing I really need now is a dictionary. I'm trying to read Jesus the Christ but there are a lot of big words in there that I do not know. Other than that I'm doing great and really enjoyed the greene package. I am working on sending pictures but it is hard. 1) because I hate taking pictures and 2) its busy out here.

Dad - I've been running into a lot of people who have connected the dots and see that I am Samoan from my last name. The next question they all ask is 'Do you speak Samoan?' I really wish I could answer 'yes'. So I am trying to learn every day. Right now all I have is a Samoan dictionary that I have been reading through so my vocabulary is growing but I can't get the grammar from the dictionary. Any ideas how I can learn quick. Pres. Warner hinted that I might be sent to a Samoan speaking area, but we'll see. I would love that and that's probably where my gift of tongues will come. :) Anything helps! How did the games go this week? Lehi and BYU?

Boys - Keep working hard in school. Be good for mom and dad. Be disciples of Christ always, which means striving to act like Him and become like Him. I wish that I would have caught on to that a lot sooner in my life. I sent my response to your letters a day or 2 ago. I don't really remember anymore. All my days are a blur and weeks fly by. Love you guys more than anything and miss you more than anyone.

Gotta get back to work!

Elder Matua

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