Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Injuries, Christmas parties and pics

Well last week was pretty crazy.

Elders and their own "Paper Christmas Tree" from home
Elder Seremai sprained his knee when we went hiking last Monday so he has been bedridden for the whole week. He goes in for another appointment tomorrow morning so keep him in your prayers. Since he has been out [injured] I have been working with the Waimea 1st Elders (Humpherys and Cagilaba) to do work in both areas so we have been driving a lot and working hard. Oh and then on Tuesday Elder Humpherys had a surprise dentist appointment to get his wisdom teeth out. So me and Cagilaba were dealing with an Elder with one leg and an Elder on drugs for awhile so that was fun.

Don't have too much else. People are using the excuse of being 'busy for the Holidays' so it's hard to see anyone but we keep trying.

We had our ward Christmas party on Friday which was fun. Not the Lehi 41st parties I'm used to but it was still fun. We had to sing for our supper, so our table had to sing "I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus" before we could eat so that was new.

We can tell it's the Holiday season here in Hawaii because we have no room in our fridge for anything. Food for days!

Pics: Hiking in Waipio valley, Santa Claus, Our Christmas Tree, Gettin buff, My new pday outfit(I found it all while cleaning out a closet in the pad;)

Love you all,
Elder Matua

Hiking - Waipio Valley
(Humphreys, me, Cagilaba)

Santa at the Ward Christmas party
Getting buff

My new P-Day clothes I found while
cleaning out a closet in our pad

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