Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving fun and more teaching moments

Another delicious breakfast with
the Harris family
We have had a great week filled with service. We have been on fire with Marshallese lessons as well. My new companion is doing awesome, but he is having to go though some culture adjustments. Nothing wrong with that it will just take some time. We get along well and we are both learning lessons around every corner. It also helps that we have an amazing ward that backs us up all the time.

We go out with a few of our members that are Marshallese speaking and they teach the lessons with Elder Seremai. From what I can see the lessons go great and we are invited back every time. Elder Seremai is a great teacher and continues to help me improve my teaching with every lesson we teach.

I got to play in a pretty awesome turkey bowl tournament on Saturday. They painted the field and broke into 10 teams and we played for most of the day. It was super fun and there was a good amount of less actives and non members there.

Sorry for the late email today. Me, Elder Humpherys, Elder Christensen, and Ikaika McClure (A less active member) went golfing for most the day. I suck at golf but it was still great fun. There is an older couple in the ward, the McMillans, that is awesome; on the first P-day of every month they take us to breakfast at Hawaiian Style. They have some crazy good grinds and they take the whole zone so it's pretty fun.

For the most part we haven't really had any new progression with our investigators other than the Marshallese, which sucks but that's okay. We are going to keep being faithful and obedient and the Lord will bless us.

Love you all,

Elder Matua

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