Monday, November 18, 2013

A bike, good eats and a new job

Last week of the transfer and it has been pretty good.

First of all I had my first experience on a bike! The ZL's car was out of service for a few days so they took our car and we were on bikes. It was only two days so it wasn't really too bad, I actually really liked it. But, I hated the helmet! We went to all of our appointments on the bikes so it was a lot of sweating and by the end of the night both my legs were cramping hardcore. Waikoloa has a lot of hills. Plus we had rugby conditioning so that was hard. Practice was run by us and a Samoan guy who was crazy but cool. It was awesome how the Lord set it all up so that everything just worked out. We saw all the people we wanted to see and we never had to back track.

Early morning P-Day hike
Tuesday, we were able to have dinner with a non-member family, the Joaquin's. The father, Royce, is a super cool guy who is golden. His only problem right now is that he works on Sundays. But, on Friday when we were helping him study for the law enforcement exam, he said that he will get baptized one day. He knows that the church is true from the things he's felt at baptisms and from the experiences with his friends but he wants to really know. He is a great guy and I look forward to working with him in the next 3 months.

Randy and Alika are still working towards baptism but they are very hard to get to church. There is another little Marshall girl named Wendy-Anne who is also working towards baptism.

Thursday, we were able go to a very fun rugby practice and we got our big bro Severn (dry mormon) to come to the Saturday sessions of Stake conference. Stake conference was awesome. Had talks for Elder Bednar and Pres Utchdorf which were both amazing as usuall.

Friday, I found out that I will be training! I got my package and all the training info on Friday and I'm so pumped. I'm a little nervous but super pumped. Then on Sunday Pres. Warner called me and told me that I will be training a new Marshallese missionary. I can't wait to meet him. He will be so good for this area and we will be able to teach so many more people and hopefully have so much success. I will learn just as much and he will and I will be learning a lot of stuff together. I hope that I will even be able to learn some Marshallese myself.

That was pretty much my week here in Kona. Pretty good...oh and I went pig hunting this morning. Didn't get anything but it was still pretty fun.


Elder Matua

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