Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Service, Zone Conference and more

This week was a blur!

We did choke (a lot) of service. We moved two tons of green waste which took forever. We also had the amazing opportunity to clean the temple. Me and Elder Humphreys were pressure washing the outside of the temple. He was making a joke that we looked like angels cleaning the temple and then I broke the pressure washer so we had to wait till they fixed it. We moved a lot of furniture in and out of the temple - great experience.

Earlier in the week we were helping a member move their brother into their house from a shipping container. While we were going to the container me and Elder Johnston got searched randomly and our car was checked. The members were laughing - of all the people they searched us!

We had a rough week with our investigators though. The young men we have been teaching were hit and miss and weren't able to make it to church so we have to move their baptismal date to November. But we were able to talk to Launet's parents and confirm his baptismal date. We have been teaching Launet all month and he has been awesome. He is my little homie out here. He is so happy to be baptized and loves the Young Men program. He is getting baptized tomorrow! I think I'll be doing the baptism in Marshallese because his family doesn't really speak English so we are trying to help them understand.

We had a Zone Conference in Hilo last Thursday with Elder Schwitzer of the Seventy. He was awesome! Great lessons from him and his wife. President and Sister Warner were also great. They came to do interviews with us on Saturday and then came to church with me and Elder Johnston so we had a good weekend with our Mission President. They also spoke in a fireside Sunday night.

My life here is still going great. I'm so grateful to the Lord every day for the amazing calling that he has blessed me with. The Ward I am serving in is amazing and a huge help to the work. I challenge everyone at home to get involved in the work. That is our job after we become members of this church our duty is to share it with anyone and everyone. We all have that special light of Christ and should work everyday to strengthen it and the best way to strengthen it is to share it with others. Serve with Charity, the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST!

Elder Matua

Mom - Sister Warner challenged everyone in the Wards here to come up with a family mission plan. It could be something as simple as inviting a less-active family over for dessert once a week or everyone has to place one pass-along card.

Boys - Looking back on my High School and Jr. High days I really regret not doing more. We should all be missionaries 24/7. Don't be afraid to open your mouth or to stop and help someone when they need it. We are all servants of the Lord and should take advantage of the blessing you have to already know the truth and have his light in you already. So many people are searching for that and most of the time they aren't willing to talk to the guys in ties (us) so it needs to start with the members. Do everything mom and dad ask. Get your Eagle Scout and Duty to God stuff done. Mom and dad only bug you about it because they know it will be for your benefit and you won't learn that stuff later when you're on your own. Love and miss all four of you guys every day. I talk to everyone about you guys and how amazing you all are. Everyone is probably sick of hearing about you guys but they all think that you are studs and cuties. Ya I'm glad I taught you everything you know! J/K


  1. Man, sounds like this mission experience is changing lives...his and others. So AMAZING!!!! Thanks for sharing. BTW, Elder Schwitzer of the 1st Quorum is Jack and Sherry's former Stake President, Butler West Stake, COOL! Alofa Tele mo le faifeau!

    1. Wow! Never ceases to amaze how truly small our world is. Thanks for the alofa bro. We will definitely let him know


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