Monday, October 14, 2013

Update from Kona


Working hard in Kona
Well my very first transfer has come and gone and life in paradise is still great! I will be in Waikoloa with Elder Johnston for another transfer which will take me through my last bit of training. We just keep on working hard to meet our goals. In this recent transfer we lost nine good missionaries but pick up a great of nine new missionaries in our zone, three of which are green! It is going to be a very fun transfer and I have faith that we as the Kona Zone will hit high a water mark for the month of October! Me and Elder Johnston are hoping to bring in at least five but we won't stop there.

In the North Wards we have two new elders in Waimea 1st - Elder Humpherys and Elder Cagilaba from Fiji. Cagilaba (a.k.a. Storm), has a really cool conversion story which should be appearing in the December 2013 Ensign. These two Elders have become instant friends to me and will make this next transfer a good one. Hopefully they can get things going in Waimea.

We have choke investigators that are all young men right now and they are already pumped to be baptized! The only trick is getting them to church on Sunday's because the chapel is up in Waimea and most people can't make that trip every Sunday. But the ward members have been great with helping us get them there. We just keeping being faithful and obedient and The Lord will provide a way.

I'm staying busy and will keep working for the Lord!

Love you all!
Elder Matua

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