Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aloha once again

Hawaii has been treating me great! Another week in paradise has come and gone and the work of the Lord is going forth at an amazing pace. Like they said in conference many times, this is the time when the Lord's work is hastening. I've been lucky to feel the blessings of that work. We have begun to teach three new young men who are all ready to learn and except the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been filled with the spirit as we teach and our investigators are feeling it as well. The members in Waikoloa are still an amazing help and the work could not go as fast as it is without them.

Please, wherever you are, whatever your calling, whatever your age, find your place in the work. As members of the church we have the knowledge of Christ and if we love Him we should be bursting with joy and proclaiming His truth. Even with the 80,000 missionaries serving in the world the work cannot progress without the 15 million members of the church doing their part. If each one of those 15 million members did their part and brought just one soul unto Christ and His everlasting gospel that would double the number of people who can be happy. 

I give you my testimony that I know that we are all here to help our brothers and sister on earth. We are blessed to know the truth and we have been commanded by prophets, seers, and revelators to share that knowledge. I can also testify that you will receive true everlasting happiness when you bring those people around unto Christ and you will be able to love all those around you more fully.

I love missionary work and love The Lord. I am growing everyday in my testimony of Christ our Savior and His Atoning sacrifice. I've had an amazing conference weekend and learned how to be a better missionary, member, son, and brother. I am proud to say that I took 10 pages of notes and only dozed off for part of one talk but the rest of the time I was awake and actively listening.

My first transfer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Time moves so fast out here. I know that I need to take advantage of every last second I have out here as a missionary with a sacred calling. Got to get back to work! Love you all!

Elder Matua  

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