Monday, August 19, 2013

Day Two - M.T.C.

Well I've been going for about 16 hours now and its been rough. The longest day of my life. But every second has been beneficial. Spiritually I'm growing constantly and the joy around this place is crazy! Never a sad face or a mad face around. So many strong Elders and Sisters with such strong testimonies. I guess its a lot like rugby - you have to play with the best to get better.

I've been growing very close to my District. They are great Elders and Sisters who are headed to Hawaii, Baltimore or Vancouver. My companion and I are very good friends now. I've also become very close to another missionary, Elder Kane who was just called to be our District Leader. He kind of reminds me of my good friend Elder Mitch Hall. Elder Kane's companion Elder Felt is a crack up! He is definitely one I'll remember. He is making me laugh as I write this letter.

I finally got to see Elder Colin Anderton today. He is doing very well and had a ton of advice for me. He told me that there are three parts to a mission: 1) The first four days of the M.T.C.; 2) the rest of the M.T.C. and 3) the remainder of my mission. They all feel equal in length to me right now which kinda stinks.

I can't wait to go to the temple and send an email on my P-Day. Plus, I am dying to get some physical activity in since it's all been sitting in class.

Send my love to all

Love you guys!
Elder Matua

P.S. Mom, I need my pack of coins (?)

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