Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hearing his voice ...

Elder Matua called us this morning before he boarded his plane bound for Honolulu. It was so good to finally hear his voice again after fourteen days. He told us about the fun time they all had boarding Frontrunner in Provo and throwing their bags on, riding to the Trax station in downtown Salt Lake and doing it all over again to get to the airport. Once they were at the airport he and his fellow missionaries got through security without any hitches after checking their bags.

I tried not to get emotional when I heard his voice crack a few times but it was hard holding back the tears of joy knowing that he has completed just the first of many milestones that he will encounter on his mission. Then there was the elation in his voice when his mom showed up (on her way to work a flight) and surprised him at his gate.

Each of his brothers (except for Kenyon) were able to say goodbye and the tears flowed freely when they all realized that this was the last time they would hear his voice until Christmas which seems so far away. One last happy (but also sad considering the circumstances) moment - Elder Matua found out that he was traveling to Honolulu with the Sape family who are headed to Maui to bury their infant son. The Sape's will no doubt use this opportunity to share their testimonies of the Plan of Salvation with Elder Matua and that families truly can be together forever through our Father in Heaven's plan of happiness.

We love the Sape family so much and are grateful that our son gets to spend a few precious hours with them on his trip to teach the people of Hawaii about the gospel of Jesus Christ!

We will miss Elder Matua so much but he sounded so excited to finally be on his way.

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