Friday, August 16, 2013

Secondhand update

Its only day two of Elder Matua's missionary experience and already we are raving mad for news from him. We realize that it will still be a few days before we hear from him but the wait is excruciating. Even though we know he is safe and well cared for (I mean, we did send him off on his own to places like Washington, D.C. and he survived numerous Scout camp-outs) but its hard not knowing every moment of the day what he is up to since the rule in the Matua household has always been, 'Check-in every hour.' That will take a little getting used to but we know why mission rules are essential to a missionary's progression and acclimation to mission life.

But we have felt the Lord's tender mercies as well. Last night two of his best friends from high school shared with us some information about Elder Matua that they received from friends who work in the M.T.C. The M.T.C. friends said that they recognized Elder Matua while he was standing in the meal line at breakfast yesterday and that he had a smile on his face and seemed to be enjoying himself. Even this small morsel of information has been a blessing for us - a confirmation that he has seamlessly made the transition from home and family life to missionary life. He was always going to be okay and his parents were always going to be an emotional train wreck! Thank you Kenzie and Rachel for bringing us wonderful news.

We appreciate the love and support from family and friends. You have all made this experience a wonderful one and we are blessed to be surrounded by such lovely people. We invite and encourage all who can to please write Elder Matua and share your own experiences about the gospel, missionary work and most important, your love for the Savior. His M.T.C. address can be found to the right of this blog.

Aloha nui loa

P.S. One of Elder Matua's best friends opened his mission call last night. Elder Clayton Greenwood has been called to serve in the Mexico-Veracruz Mission. Congratulations Clay!

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