Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Final M.T.C. Farwell

Dated 26 August 2013

Dear Family,

I wasn't going to write again until I arrived in Hawaii but today I heard something that made me happy and I wanted to share it.

First off, it's my last night in the M.T.C. I really like the sound of that!

Anyways, the whole time that I've been here we have had a PI (Progressive Investigator) whom we have taught since the day we got here. Ours was a man named Mike. It's really just our teacher playing out a story from his own mission experience - one of his converts. We had been teaching him and giving him challenges and making commitments.

In one meeting we assigned him a set of scriptures to read. Well, the next day came and he didn't do it. So right after he told us this I was devastated but immediately after I felt down I got this strong, instant voice in my head saying, "Read it!" so I listened and asked 'Mike' to read it right then and there. Mike opened up to the first scripture and we read together. Instantly he read something that got him thinking and asking questions. So I thought that was an awesome feeling. But that's not the crazy part.

I had been feeling really discouraged because I didn't feel like I was helping anyone. Today however, since it was our last day we got our evaluations on our PI's from our teachers. My teacher Bro. Gregson told me that I have a very strong spiritual presence and that when I speak my tone is spiritual and that my spirit testifies very well. Then he went on to talk about how I did a really good job following up on commitments. He said that having him (Mike) read even after he didn't follow through was a deal maker. If I wouldn't have followed up, Mike never would have kept another commitment and probably would have dropped the lessons altogether.

How awesome is that? I'm really learning here! That made me feel so good that I had listened to the Spirit and followed through. It was an incredible learning and faith building moment for me that I can recognized and follow God's promptings. Now I know for sure that the Lord is helping me. I feel like I'm ready for the work!

I only have 100 more weeks left (roughly) but who's counting right? I'm going to make these 100 weeks my best weeks ever.

Elder Matua

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