Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mission conference, Bro Lin and snakes

Bro Lin!
Elder Seamons and I had a pretty good week. Songshan is such an awesome area. I have really enjoyed my time serving here and I'm super pumped that I get to finish out my last 6 weeks here.

At the beginning of the week, we had a lot of people set up, and we were very excited to be in a lot of teaching appointments. Unfortunately most of them canceled, so we spent a lot of time on the streets of Taipei. Found some awesome new friends.

When Elder Evans visited last week for mission conference, he encouraged us to ask for referrals from everyone. He promised us some sick blessings if we were to do so. We went out and asked nearly every single person we talked to if they knew of anyone we could teach....and nothing happened. We persisted, and saw a cool miracle the other day. We were meeting with a brother named Eric. At the close of the lesson, we asked him if he knew of anyone that would be willing to listen to this amazing message. Without hesitating, he started talking about how his mother has really been interesting in church and baptism. "Her chances of getting baptized are really high. Let me give you her number." is what he said. Yeah, that got me pretty happy. We'll probably be meeting with his mom and younger brother sometime next week!

Our most progressing investigator is Brother Lin. One of the FUNNIEST old guys I've ever met in my life. He speaks rather fluent English, and he likes too add his own little comments on everything we say. Our lessons with him are both super spiritual and funny. He came to church yesterday and he's getting excited for his baptism later on in September. He originally had a problem with drinking lots of coffee and alcohol, but after sharing the word of wisdom he's become determined to throw that all out the window. He's almost there!
Trying innovative ways to get new investigators

One of our investigator's grandmother got bit by a snake. He's pretty distraught about that and has been asking us to pray for her a lot. I'm thinking this just might be the trial of faith that turns him to God.

Our zone here in the East has changed dramatically. Every single companionship switched up except for Elder Seamons and I. 36 missionaries fresh from the MTC got here last week. 5 of them landed in our zone. We also had 2 new area's open up. I'm pumped for the new opportunities we'll have to serve others.

We're looking forward to a great week!

Much love,
Elder Chase Matua

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