Wednesday, September 14, 2016

English class, drink shops and more miracles

Zone meeting
Pretty good week.

As always, I've forgotten what has happened this week. Just the usual rainy days, wet socks, crazy 臺灣人, prepared 臺灣人, noodles, rice, the Lord's work, and the countless times I felt my Savior's love to top it all off.

Saw a pretty cool miracle on Tuesday. We worked our butts off on the street and weren't seeing much. Then we ran into Grandpa Tseng. I sent a picture. Super humble and has lots of potential. He was going to a job interview and let us pray for him. Great guy.

Sometimes you'll just work so hard, not see anything happen all day long and the Lord will put those who are prepared right in your path. Although talking to Taiwanese people all day long is not an affliction, I've come to learn a tiny bit about bearing with patience my afflictions.

Exchange with Elder Deiner
teaching Sis Li
The Lord ALWAYS prepares and provides a way.

English class was fun. We've got some great people with interesting names like Chark. I love them all. They ask really good questions, most of them I don't know how to answer. However many of the most powerful spiritual experiences I've had are in English class. Sharing the Gospel comes in many different ways.

Another miracle: Taiwan has little drink shops all over. Very tasty. Thursday night we were buying drinks and started talking to the family in front of us. A dad, mom, and 18 yr old son. They were super nice to us. We invited them to the ward activity on Saturday night. They ended up coming and had a great time. We're pumped to work with them and bring the happiness of the Gospel into their family life.

We also had a super successful scripture study class on Friday night. We all read and shared our thoughts about receiving personal revelation through prayer. I learned a lot and have been learning a lot about personal revelation, especially as I've restarted the Book of Mormon recently. Those first few chapters in 1 Nephi are packed with it.

One of our investigators Bro Tseng
Our ward threw a fun party on Saturday night celebrating 中秋節。中秋節 in Taipei, is so different than 中秋節 in Taidong. Both super fun. They made me stand up and sing a Chinese pop song that I've never heard before. Good fun.

That's about all I got. Another week for the books. Super looking forward to this one.

Enjoy the tender mercies of the Lord! I know that if we're always trying to find the light in everyday, we will find it! Embracing the tender mercies of the Lord will strengthen our Faith in the Lord. It will bring us great power, even the power unto deliverance of the things that we are sick of being bound by. 1 Nephi 1:20.

I love you all,
Elder Chase Matua

Our door man Mr. Chen
Golfing for our most recent P-Day
Our recent Ward party
More from our Ward party

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