Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Long MTC days, devotionals and powerful testimonies

Us trying to be Spidermen
I'm starting to get used to this place. I've almost forgot what its like outside of the MTC. Did kenyon really tear his MCL? That stinks if he did cuz then he'll be limping around like Kayhman.

I feel like I've been in the MTC forever. We do some pretty weird things to pass the time. like climbing the walls in the class rooms, or play The Great Dalmuti(?) Last night we went into the bathroom in our residence and when people would go into a stall to go number two, we would send someone into the stall right next to them. Then the person we sent in would say, hey can you pass me some toilet paper, this ones all out. Then the random person in the stall would hand some toilet paper under the wall and when he did, one of us would wipe nutella on his hand while we grabbed the toilet paper. They would freak out until we told them it's just chocolate. That's how long we have been here in the MTC. We are all just counting down the days until we get to go to Korea.

Utah Bannibals (?)
I think I told you this, but last Tuesday we got a devotional from Elder D. Todd Christofferson which was awesome. We asked the MTC teachers how often we get an apostle and they said, once every  month. It's very unusual to get two in a month. So on Sunday we walked into the devotional and they seated everyone early which meant someone special was coming, and in walked Elder M. Russell Ballard. He gave an amazing talk alongside his wife. Everyone was freaking out that we got two apostles in a row when they usually come every month.

We have a devotional every Sunday and Tuesday, so we had one yesterday. When we got there for choir they had us prepare a special number which confused us since we already had two apostles. We never know who is going to speak until they walk onto the stand. Right before the devotional started Elder Quentin L. Cook walked in. So, going from two apostles in one month being rare, to three apostles in a row, we all are thinking that something is going very wrong or something is going very right. We still havent figured it out. But the most amazing part of their talks is at the end when they bear their testimony and you know that they are speaking the truth. Yesterday at the end of Elder Cook's talk he looked at us and said," I have seen Jesus Christ's face, I have heard his voice, and I know that he lives." It was very powerful because I know that he has.

Our study spot - that's me throwing
the tennis ball against the wall
After the Sunday devotionals they show different films at night, in the different buildings. This past Sunday we went to the new "Meet the Mormons" film that just came out. If you guys haven't seen it yet it's really good. The last part is my favorite.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

Suh dude

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