Friday, September 9, 2016

Missing rugby, devotionals and more pranks

This guy
안녕하새요 얻어게진네세요

Week three in the MTC has been good but I feel like I've been here three months. I'm starting to get used to it here but still cant wait until I get to go to Korea. I miss playing rugby already, let me know how BYU season goes this year. Even though they'll probably get trashed by UVU.

Elder Raskell said Starburst is his favorite treat, but it's probably really Harry Potter jelly beans or something like that. 30 elders from the Korean Branch left on Monday and we get 33 new Korean Elders today. The days here are really long and we have about ten hours of class everyday so we get distracted a lot...or just fall asleep. Yesterday Elder Clark fell asleep in the middle of scripture study. So we got everyone to leave the classroom and we brought in another district to sit in our seats. One of them was acting like he was teaching a lesson. Once everyone was in place they all started laughing to wake him up. Elder Clark sat there with a confused look on his face for a good while.

And this guy
I have slowly started to pick up the language. the hardest part is that their sentence structure is so different than ours so you have to rearrange all of the words before you translate them.

On sunday we had a devotional from Chad Lewis, which was pretty cool. He talked about his mission in Taiwan and how he is now the Ambassador to China for the NFL. Sunday morning we went to a different devotional which was also pretty good. They brought in the France Mission President and his wife who were in the terrorist attack in Paris. He went to go pick up two missionaries in the Brussels Airport when two bombs went off. He woke up with his leg broken in three different places and shrapnel all inside him. He said the two things he was thinking aboput when he was lying on the ground after the first bomb was that he wanted to tell his wife he was okay and how much he loved the lord. He said he now sees the Brussels Airport as his Ebbenezar every time he thinks about it.

Yesterday we got a devotional from D. Todd Christofferson. A lot of the MTC had to sit in the over flows but we got to be in the main building because we were in the choir. He gave a really good talk on Baptism and Repentance. He passed around microphones to the audience during his talk for our input. The coolest thing he said was that faith leads to repentance and repentance leads to more faith.
tell the little guys good luck with the sports... and chores. Get better dad; and mom, have fun at the doomsday car shows. Oh and that other guy, good luck with rugby and his wedding.
These guys

Oh if you see uncle Marion tell him I met his nephew here in the MTC. He just came up to me and was like, "I heard there was a Matua here and I had to come see if you know my uncle." Then he said, "Do you know anyone named Mary Matua?" And I was like "no". Then he said he lived in Kearns and I realized he was talking about uncle Marion. I took a picture with him but its on his camera so I dont have it. He is Rudger Palmers' companion so I see him all the time.

Love you guys,
Elder Mica Matua

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