Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Language struggles, seeing friends and family

Hey fam,

Chillin in class
Glad my letter got to you, I wasn't sure if I did it right. And about the Isiah 45:11 scripture - I put that down because at the end it says "command ye me." Our Branch President gave a talk and asked, 'what is the commandment most often given in the scriptures?' He said that it is to ask. Our class talked a lot about that scripture and our teacher said that God is basically throwing down a challenge and daring you to ask of him and see what happens.

We haven't received our travel plans yet but the elders that left before us said that they fly to Seattle, then to Japan and then on to Korea. We will probably get them pretty soon. You guys can do what you want but I haven't changed my mind. They have just been talking a lot about family visiting you while you are on your mission but I still think Chase should come to the airport.
Searching for our tennis ball
with a reflection

Things here have been going the same. We heard from Elder Whitney Clayton yesterday and he spoke about the growth of our church. He told a story of when thousands of Mormon volunteers went to help in Louisiana after the flood. When they were interviewing some people who lost their homes they said, "only two churches came to help us: the Mormons and the Latter-Day Saints."

We all just can't wait to get out into the field. We met a Korean sister named Sister Park who bearly speaks English. Talking to her shows us how much we don't know Korean. We taught a guy named Austin on Monday and I accidentaly kept calling him Sister Austin in Korean. I hope learning the language gets easier when we get into the field because it's so hard right now. It's awesome seeing Tautai here. I introduced him to an guy named Elder McKendrick who is from Gilbert, Arizona and has 21 kids in his family.

Our District and the Korean Sisters
I heard from Braden today. He said he is trying to play scrumhalf at UVU and needs some help so I told him to ask King. Oh and Colten Swapp got here last week and he is going to Japan so we are in the same classroom building. I'll try to get a picture with him because he cut off all his hair and you can barely recognize him.

Sounds like you guys are having fun back home. I love getting emails and letters from people because it's nice to hear about life outside the "compound". I think I'm good on what I have. I can last until I get to Korea. But could you send me another pair of basketball shorts?

Thanks, love you guys. 안 녕 히 가 새 요!
Elder Mica Matua

In the same residence with cousin Elder Tautai Matua
With the legend Elder Haskell
With one of my favorite Elders here
Elder Vongsayo from WVC, UT
At the temple with the District

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